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Our solutions

While every business needs energy, it can be difficult to manage it efficiently. Our energy optimisation expertise can help you understand how you consume energy in your business and take action to manage your usage and cut your costs.

Demand Flexibility

Join us to keep the grid in balance and drive for a cleaner, greener energy system.

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Solar & Storage

SSE Solar & Storage Solutions and Distributed Generation & Battery Storage.

Solar & Storage Solar & Storage

Heat & cooling networks

Find out how your business can decarbonise its heat and cooling networks

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Smart transport

Discover how interconnection and smart digital solutions for transport infrastructure will be vital to business

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Smart cities & places

Find out how working in partnership we can deliver integrated technologies and physical assets and network to optimise the efficiency of city operations its inhabitants

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New energy connections

Our specialist team can help existing customers connect to a new energy supply with minimal disruption to your business.

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Optimise the balance between demand and supply tailored for your organisation

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Electric vehicle infrastructure

Learn how a flexible and sustainable charging infrastructure will support our ambitions for UK electric vehicle fleets

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Electric vehicle charging at work

Get ready for the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, make your employees’ lives easier, and show your commitment to sustainability with our EV workplace charging solution.

Electric vehicle charging at workElectric vehicle charging at work

Electricity networks

Find out how more sustainable energy systems will alter the current patterns of electricity demand and generation

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Multi-utility networks

See how we work with initial strategy and design through to the ongoing operation and management of the installed infrastructure and assets

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Demand side response

Are you able to change how and when you consume or generate energy? Do you have energy storage facilities? If so, you can take advantage of your flexibility to access new, valuable revenue streams through our SSE Virtual Power Plant service.

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Smart infrastructure

See how advanced communication and control technologies deliver power with flexibility, accessibility, and reliability

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Gas networks

We work with you providing capital investment, client payback incentives and freedom of choice for your gas supplier. We also offer market leading asset values to adopt existing gas connections

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Digital community hubs

Learn more about combining rapid charging with 5G and Edge computing technology with 10-20 rapid charging community bays.

Digital community hubsDigital community hubs


Find out how we can avoid challenges of fleet dispersion, diversity of ownership and lack of standardised technical solutions

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Smart buildings

Smart control, management, and integration of building systems including HVAC, lighting, air quality, security, and energy usage

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Mayflower Smart Control

Smart city management solutions with full dynamic control and monitoring.

Mayflower Smart ControlMayflower Smart Control

Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation

Many customers with half-hourly electricity supplies are unaware they can choose their own data collection and data aggregation (DC/DA) services provider.

Half Hourly Data CollectionHalf Hourly Data Collection