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Digital services

Adopting our digital solutions means you are in complete control of both the analytics and the decisions that our platforms inform. More accurate and timely information is the key to smarter decision-making. It also gives you control over your energy infrastructure and the ability to optimise its deployment and management for the benefit of your organisation.

Digital is the framework that underpins and enables our Whole System Thinking approach. It gives you the tools to unify your management of energy across the full spectrum of transport, heating and lighting demands. It allows you to build energy infrastructure systems that support and engender flexible, integrated, connected and smart-enabled communities.

Here's how.

Digital Services that support
Energy Targets

Smart transport

Discover how interconnection and smart digital solutions for transport infrastructure will be vital to business

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Electricity networks

Find out how more sustainable energy systems will alter the current patterns of electricity demand and generation

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Smart infrastructure

See how advanced communication and control technologies deliver power with flexibility, accessibility, and reliability

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Smart buildings

Smart control, management, and integration of building systems including HVAC, lighting, air quality, security, and energy usage

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Smart cities & places

Find out how working in partnership we can deliver integrated technologies and physical assets and network to optimise the efficiency of city operations its inhabitants

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IPS digital community hubs

Learn more about combining rapid charging with 5G and Edge computing technology with10-20 rapid charging community bays.

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Energy as a service

Optimise the balance between demand and supply tailored for your organisation

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Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation

Many customers with half-hourly electricity supplies are unaware they can choose their own data collection and data aggregation (DC/DA) services provider.

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