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Small business hub: Sustainability tips and advice

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No matter how small your business is, being more environmentally friendly can be beneficial to your long-term success, as well as your bottom line. By committing to going green, you’ll be future proofing your business and doing your bit to tackle the climate crisis.

Here, you’ll find the resources you need to help you on your net zero journey.

An image of Audrey Duckworth wearing a high vis vest standing in front of the wind turbines at Binn Group Eco Park.

Unpack the importance of sustainability with Binn Group

As one of Scotland’s leading recycling and resource management companies, the Binn Group champions renewable energy and has impressive sustainability credentials.

They have their own on-site renewable generation methods and they’re supported as our customer with 100% renewable electricity1 from SSE’s own UK wind farms and hydro plants.

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Single-use plastic ban: what your business needs to know

Below, we outline why reducing single-use plastics can be effective in the fight to combat climate change and push your business toward net zero.

Plus, we’ll explain how you can prepare for the ban and offer some practical tips and insight to help you get ahead.

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Wolverhampton West Park from above showing grass in a circular shape.

The circular economy business model

Everyone’s talking about the transition to a circular economy.

Here, we explain what the circular economy is and discuss the benefits it can bring for small businesses. Plus, we’ll highlight some successful circular business models, and give practical insights for implementing circular practices within your business operations and supply chain.

Advice for SMEs
A road sign for a  low emission zone sign

Clean Air Zones and Low Emission Zones: a business guide

Clean Air Zones (CAZ), or Low Emission Zones (LEZ) if you’re in Scotland, have been designed to promote cleaner air in towns and cities.

However, with potential penalty charges and limitations on areas drivers can go, these initiatives could pose financial and operational challenges for businesses.

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How to promote your business’s sustainability on social media

Promoting your business on social media and showcasing your green credentials can be an effective way to attract and retain customers who share your values.

Here are some tips for using social media for marketing your business's sustainability goals and claims.

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Sustainable business practices that could save you money

There are lots of relatively simple projects that can be easily implemented and – best of all – many can bring deliver immediate, long-term cost savings and give your business a competitive edge.

Here are some of the best ways for small and medium-sized businesses to put sustainability into practice.

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Person using small recycling bin.

Why cutting small business waste matters: tips to help you recycle

Recycling can help your small business reduce its carbon footprint, save money and motivate staff.

Read more to find out how changes to your daily habits and practices can reduce your business's waste.

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Person on laptop using SSE Energy Solutions' free carbon footprint calculator for UK businesses.

Free carbon footprint calculator

Knowing what emissions you’re producing, and where you’re producing them, can be complex. If you’re serious about going on a journey to reduce your emissions, it’s important to understand what your carbon footprint looks like right now.

Our carbon footprint calculator is free to download and easy to use.

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Image of grass and foliage with industrial building in the background.

Understanding the basics of biodiversity

The decline in biodiversity causes a number of problems for businesses of all sizes.

This guide explains why it’s important for small businesses to understand the biodiversity crisis and how doing your bit for biodiversity conservation is not only good for the environment, but also makes good business sense.

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How to conduct a business energy audit

A business energy audit should be first on the agenda when you want to save energy and cut costs. Essentially, an energy audit looks at your current energy consumption and pinpoints specific areas to improve.

Here, we explain everything a small business owner needs to know about energy audits.

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Why your small business should choose renewable energy

Energy is essential to keep your business’s wheels turning. But the type of energy you buy and how you use it can impact your whole business. From bills and sales, to employees and your reputation - energy matters.

Read this blog to learn more about the wider business and economics benefits of going green.

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Spotlight on sustainable farming: Courteenhall

As well as adopting sustainable farming practices and being an advocate for wildlife preservation, family-run business Courteenhall Farms champions renewable energy.

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Green grants: A list of sustainable funding opportunities

There are several organisations across the UK offering financial support, incentives and loans to businesses taking steps to become more eco-friendly.

We've compiled a list of those organisations to help your small business on the road to net zero.

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Several electric vehicles parked closely together.

A small business guide to electric vehicles (EV)

Business owners might have more things to consider than the average driver when it comes to transitioning to EVs. Whether your business has one vehicle or an entire fleet, you’ll need to think about the nature of your work and your local authority’s policies.

This guide explains everything business owners need to know about electric vehicles.

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Image displays text which reads: Download free guide. Reduce your businesses energy use and save costs today. Download now,

Save business energy and costs with Zellar's free guide

Find out how other businesses have reducded their energy use by up to 25% with online sustainability platform, Zellar.

Download Zellar’s free guide and start reducing your energy consumption today.

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Five ways to save energy when running a business from home

Working from home can have an impact on your energy usage, but thankfully, there are some simple changes you can make to help lower your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.

If you work or run a business from home, read this article for practical energy efficiency tips.

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Richard Hagan, owner of Crystal Doors, standing outside the Rochdale factory.

How Crystal Doors unlocked the key to sustainability success

As well as powering the Crystal Doors’ Rochdale factory with 100% renewable electricity, Richard Hagan has introduced several green initiatives and sustainable technologies.

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A person in a workshop looking at a piece of paper.

Sustainability in your supply chain: A small business guide

Making your supply chain more sustainable will not only lower your business’s environmental impact, but also makes good financial sense too.

In this guide, explain why sustainability in your business supply chain is important and how to introduce sustainable practices.

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Presenting your carbon footprint calculator results

After filling out the carbon footprint calculator, you don’t want to just leave the results sitting in a spreadsheet.

We've created a free presentation template to help you showcase your business's carbon footprint calculator results.

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A pile of newspapers.

Net zero news round-up for businesses: Winter 2022

As a small business owner, it's hard to find the time to keep up with the constant news surrounding net zero and the climate crisis.

Click the link below to read the top net zero business news stories from the past couple of months.

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Two people having a a business meeting on a construction site office.

How to set a carbon reduction strategy

After measuring your carbon emissions using our free carbon footprint calculator, you can begin to plan to reduce these emissions in an affordable and effective way.

This guide explains how you can set a carbon reduction strategy for your small business.

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How to engage employees on your net zero journey

Whether you want to get your company to cut down on travel, or turn off unnecessary electrical appliances, it’s much easier to become a sustainable business if you have the support of your employees.

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How to make your small business more sustainable

Being sustainable is good for business. It makes you more attractive to employees and investors and can also save you money in the long term. And the good thing is, becoming a sustainable business might not be as difficult or expensive as you think.

Here, we explain what a sustainable business is and offer some tips and advice to help your small business become more sustainable.

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What is net zero? A small business guide

The term net zero means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere and those taken out.

Read the full article to find out more about net zero and the steps you can take to become a net zero company.

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What does COP26 mean for small businesses?

As proud partners of COP26, SSE’s Director of Business Energy, Aled Humphreys, explains why small businesses should respond to the urgency of the climate crisis and shares some insight into what COP26 means for small businesses.

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Prickly Thistle – Powering a tartan revolution

Entrepreneur and founder of Prickly Thistle, Clare Campbell, explains why the business's sustainability credentials is thier best marketing tool.

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A pile of newspapers.

Net zero news round-up for businesses: Summer 2022

As a small business, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant news flow surrounding the climate crisis.

Here, SSE Energy Solutions summarises the top net zero business news stories from the past couple of months.

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SSE Energy Solutions experts discuss energy-saving lessons from lockdown.

What lockdown taught us about energy consumption

The coronavirus lockdowns brought significant environmental benefits, including lower air pollution and cleaner waterways.

But can these positive trends be sustained as the country unlocks and the economy recovers?

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Deri Reed opened his Carmarthen café

The Warren – from farm to fork: renewable energy

Deri Reed opened his Carmarthen café and restaurant in 2016 with strong sustainable and ethical goals. find out what the business owner does to ensure The Warren's carbon footprint is as low as possible.

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Man looking at plans in a warehouse

Five ways to show you’re cutting carbon for net zero

At SSE Energy Solutions, we’re committed to helping you decarbonise your business for net zero. Here, Managing Director Nikki Flankers shares practical advice that can help you prove you’re making a difference.

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