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Decarbonising transport

homedistributed energy infrastructure decarbonising transport

Demand for EVs (electric vehicles) is outpacing growth in the wider transport market they inhabit. That’s one reason why the necessary supporting infrastructure for EVs is currently lagging behind.

Add to that the fact that multiple stakeholders can often add layers of complexity, time and risk to development projects, and it’s easy to see why expertise, vision and joined-up thinking are so vital to success.

We’re helping many businesses make the switch to electric vehicles a reality, working closely with partners and our external supply chain to provide best-in-class EV solutions.

Our solutions will take you on a journey from initial feasibility studies, through to design and installation. Once up and running, we’ll guide you on the operational and maintenance needs of your chosen scheme. And we’ll work with you to ensure that your solution stays optimal, delivers against your energy and sustainability objectives and is future-proofed by our whole system thinking methodology.

Energy Solutions to help with
Decarbonising Transport

Electric vehicle charging at work

Get ready for the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, make your employees’ lives easier, and show your commitment to sustainability with our EV workplace charging solution.

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Electric vehicle infrastructure

Learn how a flexible and sustainable charging infrastructure will support our ambitions for UK electric vehicle fleets

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SSE Green EV

Save money and cut your emissions by charging your electric vehicles (EV) with zero-carbon electricity from our UK wind farms and hydro plants.

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Smart transport

Discover how interconnection and smart digital solutions for transport infrastructure will be vital to business

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Distributed generation & storage

Distributed energy is a combination of local generation and storage and demand-side management

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Electricity networks

Find out how more sustainable energy systems will alter the current patterns of electricity demand and generation

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Smart infrastructure

See how advanced communication and control technologies deliver power with flexibility, accessibility, and reliability

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Energy as a service

Optimise the balance between demand and supply tailored for your organisation

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Smart cities & places

Find out how working in partnership we can deliver integrated technologies and physical assets and network to optimise the efficiency of city operations its inhabitants

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Find out how we can avoid challenges of fleet dispersion, diversity of ownership and lack of standardised technical solutions

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