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Demand side response

Make your energy an asset and earn additional revenue

Are you able to change how and when you consume or generate energy? Do you have energy storage facilities? If so, you can take advantage of your flexibility to access new, valuable revenue streams through our SSE Virtual Power Plant service.

The electricity system used to rely solely on large power stations to meet daily electricity demand, but advances in technology are changing this fast. Now the electricity system can call on a much broader range of generation, consumption and storage assets.

This is creating a smarter grid that can be flexibly adjusted to meet demand throughout the day. Flexibility is becoming increasingly valuable and, thanks to technology, unlocking this value is also becoming easier and more accessible.

SSE Virtual Power Plant has no upfront costs, won’t compromise your core operational requirements and can help you unlock the full potential of your energy flexibility.

Why SSE Virtual Power Plant?

  • Use the flexibility of your assets to make money.
  • Access a broad range of revenue streams.
  • Future-proofed technology that’s robust, resilient and secure.
  • Seamless integration – no impact on your business operations.
  • Controllable – you can switch off if you need to.
  • A revenue share arrangement with SSE – no upfront or hidden fees.
  • Additional insight into your assets and their performance.
  • A service from energy experts SSE – a name you can trust.

How does SSE Virtual Power Plant work?

SSE Virtual Power Plant knits together all types of distributed energy resources – demand side response, battery storage, combined heat and power (CHP), generation, electric vehicles – to offer capacity and flexibility to different markets.

It’s called a "Virtual Power Plant" because it uses the diverse characteristics of the assets it manages to provide the same services as a traditional power plant.

The assets that you own and control can be added to our Virtual Power Plant. Using our advanced technology and market expertise, we’ll help you find a solution that delivers the best available financial return.

That can mean a variety of income streams, including providing services to the network operator, trading on energy markets, or changing the times you use or generate electricity to reduce your costs.

You can decide how and when you want to make assets available to the system. Your assets are then utilised automatically, with no disruption to your core business.

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Start earning today

We’ll work with you to help you earn revenue from your existing assets and reduce costs.

These assets could include:

  • electricity generation, such as back-up generators, gas engines or CHP
  • battery storage
  • on-site energy consuming assets, such as freezers, pumps and motors.

Our experienced team will quickly assess your capabilities and design a bespoke solution that considers all your business requirements and your current supply contracts.

Contact your Account Manager or get in touch today to find out how you could unlock new revenue streams for your business.