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The transition to zero carbon will see greater volumes of renewable generation and electrification of transport and heating. Flexible assets like battery storage are a vital balancing technology, supporting the increasing level of renewable generation required to meet net-zero targets.

Renewable generation sources such as solar and wind are intermittent, and as a result require a greater level of balancing flexibility that can respond on instruction.

SSE’s Enhance platform offers a route-to-market for flexible assets, facilitating Wholesale and Balancing Markets, Ancillary Services, and local flexibility from the Distribution System Operators (DSOs), thereby maximising the range of revenue generation opportunities for our customers.

Creating value from energy flexibility

SSE Enhance

Enhance battery technology platform

Generate new revenue streams with SSE Enhance with access to all key markets including Balancing, Wholesale and Ancillary. SSE Enhance enables clients to optimise performance against objectives such as revenue generation, cost reduction, carbon reduction, and/or security of supply through our propriety algorithms.

Our energy trading team has market leading expertise and provides 24/7, 365 support and are supported by our Advanced Analytics and Energy Economics teams.

Balances renewable generation and energy storage against load, thereby optimising local use of renewables and/or ensuring security of supply.

Operates and enables immediate deployment of a broad range of assets across both transmission and distribution networks participating in reserve frequency, security and balancing to support National Grid ESO during peak demand uniquely positions us as a complete solution provider for clients’ transition to zero carbon.

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SSE Enhance

Flexible Management of Supply and Demand


Our energy and engineering experience creates a fully optimised and customisable solution. It brings together multiple areas of expertise to maximise our client’s revenue potential.

  • Maintaining security of supply, ensuring power quality, and increasing levels of load beyond grid supported levels
  • Dynamically optimising the alignment of load, generation and storage
  • Increasing levels of renewables that can be deployed by managing peak export and/or dynamically aligning generation to storage and load
  • Maximising own use of local low carbon generation, minimising network connection costs by aligning export limits, and generation, load and storage
  • Client portal enables updates to asset availability to trade in line with changing business priorities
  • Automatically optimise and manage your assets in line with strategic objectives, such as the level of renewable generation connected to a network, load capacity, and more.

Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship

Enhance Grid

SSE’s wider Energy-as-a-Service proposition is built upon the premise of SSE investing in a client’s energy assets in order to deliver an enhanced energy service. There are two distinct models: Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship.

Digitalising net zero

Demand Flexibility

Join us to keep the grid in balance and drive for a cleaner, greener energy system.

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Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation

Many customers with half-hourly electricity supplies are unaware they can choose their own data collection and data aggregation (DC/DA) services provider.

Half Hourly Data CollectionHalf Hourly Data Collection

Business Energy Intelligence (BEI)

BEI helps you to visualise trends and see wastage across multiple utilities. A standalone system or tied to your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). The data can be easily analysed and interrogated to help you monitor, target, and ultimately, save.

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Sentinel Optical Sensor

We’ve developed a smart city solution in partnership with Intel and AAEON Technology: Sentinel optical sensor (Sentinel).

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Optimise the balance between demand and supply tailored for your organisation

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Smart Infrastructure Platform

Optimise your demand, supply, storage and generation.

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