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Energy as a Service

The transition to zero carbon will see the energy costs and risks faced by many organisations increase. SSE’s Energy-as-a-Service proposition helps our client’s with these challenges whilst maximising their potential for monetary gain.

Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) is supported by the SSE Enhance platform and consists of three key components:

SSE Enhance Energy – Creating value from energy flexibility

Generate revenues by selling flexibility in generation, storage and/or load Maximise generation certainty, hence value, by blending intermittent generation and storage SSE Enhance Grid – Minimising the impact of increasing electrification

Maintaining security of supply/Ensuring power quality Increasing levels of renewables that can be deployed Increasing levels of load beyond grid supported levels Maximising own use of local low carbon generation Minimising network connection costs Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship – Outsourcing energy infrastructure cost and risk

Enables immediate deployment of low-carbon assets and risk outsourcing Time-limited transfer (Stewardship) of asset ownership but leaves long-term ownership with client Committed asset enhancement/migration to net zero during ownership period The combination of EaaS with SSE’s distributed energy capabilities in Private Electrical Networks, Distributed Generation and Storage, EV charging and Heat Networks, uniquely positions us as a complete solution provider for clients’ transition to zero carbon.

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SSE Enhance Energy

SSE Enhance is built upon Smarter Grid Solution’s ANM Strata platform, which is one of the most deployed Smart Grid platforms in the UK. It combines Smarter Grid Solution’s control and optimisation expertise, with SSE’s energy and engineering experience, to create a fully optimised and customisable solution. It brings together multiple areas of expertise to maximise our client’s revenue potential.

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SSE Enhance Grid

SSE Enhance enables clients to optimise performance against objectives (such as revenue generation, cost reduction, carbon reduction, and/or security of supply) through bespoke algorithms.

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Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship

SSE’s wider Energy as a Service proposition is built upon the premise of SSE investing in a client’s energy assets in order to deliver an enhanced energy service. There are two distinct models: Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship.

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