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Smart Infrastructure

Our Smart infrastructure approach

As technology develops and needs change, so too must the infrastructure that allows us to operate.

Infrastructure expertise is at the heart of all SSE’s offerings. We want to work in partnership with you to ensure your infrastructure is fully optimised. We can do this by:

  • Develop solutions for private
  • Provide heating solutions that combine heat networks and localised heat pumps to maximise building connectivity
  • Provide EV charging infrastructure that include public charging, private fleet charging and charging hubs (EV service stations)
  • Provide tools to manage all connected energy assets as part of an integrated energy system that minimises carbon and costs and maximises revenue generation potential
  • Deployment of fibre infrastructure and 5G infrastructure to help create better universal connectivity

Supporting services


SSE Energy Solutions owns one of the largest fibre networks in the UK. We can provide solutions for our customers across a range of areas: Ethernet P2P and P2MP; Regional Co-location; Managed wavelengths; Dark Fibre; SD Wan.

Electricity Networks

Customers who own private electricity networks can frequently find management of this non-core activity to be more of a burden than a benefit. This however is our area of expertise – we can adopt and manage your private electricity network, taking responsibility for its network resilience and improving its energy efficiency and sustainability.

Heat Networks

SSE Energy Solutions have been delivering heat to residential and commercial properties for many years. We provide an end-to-end heating and cooling network service for an ever-expanding portfolio of projects, while continually making sure that we’re investing in a more sustainable future for all. As a member of both the ADE and Heat Trust, we are committed to developing innovative solutions for our customers.

EV Infrastructure

Our solutions span the entire delivery and project management lifecycle – from understanding the path to EV and how to invest, to running EV infrastructure as a managed service, to galvanising your fleet and helping you to meet your objectives. We can also draw on the wider strength of the SSE Group to provide our own green energy tariffs.

Constrained Grids

Networks are becoming increasingly generation or capacity constrained, meaning EV chargers, heat pumps and renewables cannot connect. SSE can offer private networks that seamlessly co-exist with the DNO network to remove network constraints and maximise renewable and low carbon asset connectivity.

Solutions to help with Digital

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Smart buildings

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