Mayflower Solutions

About Mayflower

As a market leader, Mayflower provides a 21st Century solution for the management of exterior lighting and associated illuminated equipment.

The Mayflower Smart Control Central Management System (CMS) allows full dynamic control and monitoring of each individual lighting unit using low power radio and GPRS/3G communication. Discrete infrastructure installed on lighting units receives and transmits data to the office enabling full and effective asset management.

Now, for the first time, the user can dynamically control each individual lighting unit from a laptop or mobile device.

Whether it’s new or existing lighting or signage installations, Mayflower can give you the power to take control.

Mayflower CMS

The Mayflower CMS has received Elexon approval and can now be used as an equivalent meter for measuring energy usage.

In the last few years, Mayflower has won several large contracts to supply Street Lighting PFI Projects with its remote monitoring equipment, including the South Coast, Nottingham and Knowsley PFIs. The Hampshire PFI project alone will include installation of approximately 150,000 Mayflower Nodes. Mayflower’s current installation programme is in excess of 400,000 units.

Mayflower Solutions

The Mayflower Smart Control Central Management System (CMS) allows individual street lights to be monitored, switched and light output to be dynamically controlled.

This consists of three key products: the Node, the Sub Master and the Back Office System. These three products, together with a Socket which allows a Node or Sub Master to be fitted to a Lantern, communicate and provide a comprehensive system of control and monitoring.

Socket 6000

As a patented socket GB2480234, the S6000 Socket (NEMA) allows either a Node or Sub Master to be fitted to a lantern. The S6000 Socket also allows for an interim photo-electric cell to be fitted if installation of the Node/Sub Master will take place after lantern installation.

The S6000 Socket features a security design that will deter vandals and it is easy to install. It can even be pre-installed by certain lantern manufacturers.

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