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Electricity Networks

Independent Electricity Network Partnerships

Managing electricity infrastructure is a core business of SSE Energy Solutions and managing them effectively is how we can make a difference for our customers. We offer partnership with owners of Private Electricity Networks to design, build, invest and operate their electricity infrastructure.

Customers who own private electricity networks can frequently find the management of this non-core activity to be more of a burden than a benefit. This however is our area of expertise – we can adopt and manage your private electricity network, taking responsibility for its network resilience and improving its energy efficiency and sustainability.

We have an excellent track record of delivering electricity networks for new and existing developments in all principal sectors of the construction market. Our Independent Electricity Network Partnerships aim to deliver solutions that bring together the diverse needs of the customer into a single unified outcome that maximises both short and long–term benefits.

SSE Energy Solutions also has a licensed IDNO business (Optimal Power Networks) for public networks. Further information on Optimal Power Networks Limited can be found here.

Whole System Thinking

We invest in our customers’ non-core electrical infrastructure, offering you security and adopting risk. Through Whole System Thinking, we drive towards savings and cost certainty, enabling your journey toward Net Zero, providing you with the power to control how your energy is procured, generated, managed and secured.



Immediately available for capital upgrade of ageing assets.

We can invest in our customer’s business and allow up to 100% of capital for asset replacements allowing them to focus capex on their core business. Our investment is introduced at an early stage to ensure the customer receives maximum benefit from the improvements that are being made to their electrical network.


Risk Transfer

Risk of supply and asset resilience is devolved.

In adopting our customer’s network we assume the risk associated in operating it including its electrical losses. By managing the electricity network safely and to an agreed Operation & Maintenance programme we minimise losses and improve resilience to ensure the ongoing operation of our customer’s business. We also minimise the commercial risk that can arise from asset failure, diversion of resource and subsequent replacement costs.


Carbon Reduction

Efficiencies in network and Distributed Energy solutions.

We can help to reduce customers carbon emissions, achieve environmental commitments and move towards a more sustainable future. This kind of energy management also helps to reduce the costs associated with energy consumption. Investing in renewables or committing to the electrification of vehicle fleets also helps to future-proof our customer’s business and support their corporate and social responsibility strategy.



Managing the financial commitment to non-core overheads.

We simplify the supply chain by removing the commitment to ongoing maintenance and capital replacement works and with in-house asset management and network planning we can reduce non-core operational costs. We provide cash flow certainty by having low fixed or variable fees bespoke to each customer and we can deliver fully funded behind the meter solutions that provide protection against fluctuating future energy costs.



Providing stability of future energy costs.

The improvements we deliver offer security to our customers business and minimise interruptions. We optimise energy reliability and efficiency through a range of expert services, making sure power supply is secure improving stability of long-term energy needs even when there is an issue with the grid.



Improved network reliability & sustainability.

With the introduction of SMART technology and upgraded distribution assets we provide safe, reliable, flexible and expandable supplies at low cost. Our ability to deliver on site generation and storage and a wide range of distributed energy solutions reduce our customer’s dependence on the grid and help them to be energy self-sufficient.