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Our Smart transport approach

The EV market is growing quickly, faster than the transport market it inhabits, and in consequence the development of the supporting infrastructure can be fragmented and overcomplicated. Frequently, multiple stakeholders add layers of complexity, time and risk to development projects which require cool heads and experience to maximise the opportunity.

At SSE Energy Solutions, we’re helping many UK businesses make the switch to electric vehicles (EV) a reality, working closely with our partners and external supply chain to provide best-in-class EV solutions. With our solutions we’ll guide you from initial feasibility studies, through to design and installation. Once ‘in life’ we’ll guide you on the operational and maintenance needs of your chosen scheme. With our wide range of knowledge in delivery from a technical and infrastructure point of view, you can rest assured that your EV solution will be fit for purpose, deliver against your initial objectives and future-proof.

Our commitment to EV

As well as delivering the infrastructure required to develop electrification across the UK, SSE’s own sustainability strategy is focused on becoming a leading energy provider in a low carbon world and a member of EV100. Not only will our entire fleet will be electrified by 2030, a whole decade before the government’s ban on the sale of combustion engines, we are also committing to helping to get 10m EVs on the road by 2030.

Use Case:

Providing the infrastructure for EVs will become more difficult due to increasing constraints on the grid and a need for quick charging. Solutions will be required that provide power from renewable sources, without overloading the grid. Chargehubs, with renewable generation, storage and EV charging, will provide that needed additional power and optimisation to ensure cars will be charged to the amount that is needed.

Supporting Services

Charge Hubs

Charge hubs will become an essential part of any town/city. SSE strategically deploys charge hubs powered by renewable generation. These hubs will be in areas that are convenient and will be easily accessible for drivers.

EV Charging

We work closely with our partners and external supply chain to provide best-in-class EV solutions. Our solutions span the entire delivery and project management lifecycle – from understanding the path to EV and how to invest, to running EV infrastructure as a managed service.

Electric Buses

We’ve also played a key role in the initial electrification of buses. Following close collaboration with operators, transport authorities and bus companies, we successfully installed over 250 charging points across 6 London depots, as well as 43 points at the Waterloo bus depot for Go-Ahead London.

Grid Constraints

EV power requirements, especially in urban areas, can face huge pressure on the ‘grid’ to ensure demand can be met. We have demonstrated our ability in managing constraints at our bus charging facility at Waterloo Station, which allows Go-Ahead to charge its fleet overnight without disrupting bus services.

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