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Decarbonising Heat & Cooling Networks

homedistributed energy infrastructure decarbonising heat and cooling networks

Decarbonising Heat

Heating & Cooling Networks Challenge

The generation of heat consumes just under 50% of the energy we use. Domestic heating accounts for around 20% of the nation’s carbon emissions.

Currently, energy networks are either generation or capacity constrained, meaning EV chargers, heat pumps and renewables cannot connect.

So, heat networks can be slow to develop and many buildings struggle to connect, often as a result of either cost or technical viability issues. Undoubtedly, decarbonising heat sources will be one of the biggest challenges facing UK energy policymakers over the next few decades.

These challenges will be difficult to overcome. But not impossible.

Our Solutions

We design, build, own, operate, and maintain heat and cooling networks for property developers, housing associations and local authorities across the UK. We cater for a range of project types including both residential and commercial projects, as well as large scale regeneration projects.

SSE Energy Solutions has been delivering heat to residential and commercial properties for many years. We provide an end-to-end heating and cooling network service for an ever-expanding portfolio of projects, while continually making sure that we’re investing in a more sustainable future for all.

We can design, build, operate, and maintain networks; we can also simply operate and maintain existing networks – whatever is required. But when we’re part of the design and build, we make sure we’re building for the long term, so your network will be resilient and reliable, at the same time as helping you to meet carbon targets.

Why choose SSE Energy Solutions Heat Networks & Cooling Networks?

We work closely with private and public sectors to provide an end-to-end heat network service. Helping them to reduce costs, improve comfort, and lower carbon emissions.

In SSE Energy Solutions, you get a partner for the long-term, backed up by the expertise and resources of the wider SSE Group, as well as a dedicated, specialist customer service team.

We’re active in promoting regulation and supporting increasing design standards across the industry.

We’re also members of both the ADE and Heat Trust.

Investing in your future

SSE Energy Solutions is in a unique position in that we are able to offer significant capital investment into your heating and/or cooling network schemes, all based on a long-term asset ownership model. If it suits, we’ll work closely with you to develop an investment proposal.

Of course, this means that SSE takes on a number of the key project risks that would otherwise lie with you – including energy price fluctuations, plant failure, and more.

See our solutions that help with decarbonising heat below.

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Solutions to help with Decarbonising Heat

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