Delivering Demand Flexibility

homedemand flexibility service

Join us to keep the grid in balance and steer towards a cleaner, greener energy system.

SSE can support you to take part in Demand Flexibility, generate revenue and help National Grid alleviate pressure on our energy system this winter.

3 simple steps to saving this winter

1Sign your business up to the SSE Energy Solution’s Demand Flexibility Service as your sole provider.
2We will need your previous 60 days of meter data so that we can prove your baseline energy usage.
3A participating business must be able to respond to and be capable of sustaining a 30 min instruction.

Sign up today

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Don’t be left out! More and more businesses are looking to take part in DFS due to the growth in self-generation, energy storage and changes in the way businesses operate. SSE has made it simple to work together to generate further revenue and shifting your usual energy use.

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