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Smart meters for your business

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A greener and smarter future

Smart meters are transforming the way we use and think about energy.

With a smart meter, you will have all your energy data at your fingertips, so you'll find ways to improve your energy efficiency, lowering your costs and carbon footprint.

Discover how your business could benefit from a smart meter

From helping you cut your carbon footprint to identifying ways to save money, now is a great time to find out what a smart meter could do for you.

SMETS2 – the next generation of smart meters

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If your business has up to nine sites, you qualify for one of our SMETS2 smart meters - improving many of the features of its predecessor, they provide reliable, accurate readings and usage data. With SMETS2, you’ll enjoy the full range of smart metering benefits – no more manual readings or estimated bills, and access to your energy data. There's no additional cost to have one installed, and you'll be on your way to a greener, smarter future. Thousands of businesses have already made the switch to smart. Don't delay - find out today what a smart meter could do for you.

How a smart meter can benefit your business

  • Save time – no more meter readings
  • Accurate and timely bills – collect remote meter readings for billing
  • Opportunities to improve your energy efficiency and save money

Getting the most from your smart meter

Smart meters record your energy use and send us your readings automatically. That spells an end to the hassle of manual meter readings and estimated bills. To unlock the true power of your smart meter, you need to use the data it provides. That’s why all our electricity and gas plans include access to SSE Clarity – our free online energy management platform – when you have a smart meter. SSE Clarity helps you understand how your business uses energy, giving you the chance to reduce your consumption and lower your bills.

Spot savings with SSE Clarity

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Imagine you could see exactly how and when your business uses energy 24/7? SSE Clarity, our free online energy management tool, enables you to do just that, however big or small your business.

SSE Clarity presents your smart meter data in easy-to-understand charts. You can then see how best to cut your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Our Smart Data Guide can tell you more about how we record, store and use the data from your smart meter. Don’t have a smart meter yet? We’ll install one at no extra cost.

Get SSE Clarity to see more clearly where you could save on energy – free with all our energy plans.

Energy efficiency

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A few simple changes to your business can make a big difference to your energy efficiency and profit margins – vital if you’re in a high-consumption industry.

Install a smart meter to help you find ways to save energy and money. And consider the long-term benefits of investing in energy-efficient heating and appliances.

Build a routine of good practices to reduce waste in your workplace, like turning off computers and lights and reducing thermostats. When your efficiency strategy enhances working conditions, it can boost your employees’ well-being and productivity.

Smart meters - Frequently asked questions

Need some help? Whether you’re thinking about getting a smart meter or you’ve already had one installed, our frequently asked questions could hold the answer you’re looking for.