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Getting started with SSE Energy Solutions

Here you can register your interest in a smart meter so you can use SSE Clarity, your online energy management platform, letting you review your energy efficiency. In this section, learn more about SSE Clarity and getting started with your online account.

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SSE Clarity

SSE Clarity brings together a suite of tools to help measure, manage and forecast your energy usage – to unlock the full potential of your smart meter.

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Energy efficiency

A few simple changes to your business can make a big difference to your energy efficiency and profit margins – vital if you’re in a high-consumption industry.

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Useful shortcuts

Keeping your information safe

We do as much as we can to protect your data. That said, there are a few extra steps you should take to make sure you look after your personal information and stay safe.

Keeping your information safeKeeping your information safe

Covid-19 FAQs

Keep up to date with the latest information via our frequently asked questions.

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Loss of supply

What to do if you have a power cut locally or lose your gas supply.

What to do if you lose supplyWhat to do if you lose supply

Submit a meter reading

Find out how to read your meter and submit your readings to us.

Submit a meter readingSubmit a meter reading

Standard fuel mix

It’s increasingly important for businesses to know how the electricity supplied to them is generated. Whether your business has to report its carbon emissions or not, it’s still important to understand where that electricity comes from and how its generation impacts our environment.

Our standard fuel mixOur standard fuel mix

Site access

We may need to access your premises for several reasons, including reading or fitting meters, dealing with faults and collecting payments. Here are some details worth bearing in mind if we’re visiting.

More on site accessMore on site access

Half-hourly meters

An Automated Meter Reading (AMR) electricity meter is a type of metering system which uses automatic meter reading technology to split your energy consumption into more accurate 30-minute blocks called half-hourly (HH) metering.

More on half hourly meters More on half hourly meters

Smart meter manuals

Make the most of your SMETS2 smart meter. For full operating instructions, find and download the manual for your meter.

Smart meter manualsSmart meter manuals

Changing your meter type

The type of electricity meter your business has depends on how much electricity you use. That means your meter may need to be reprogrammed or replaced if it doesn’t suit your current energy usage. This is known as a “change of measurement class” (CoMC).

How to change your meter typeHow to change your meter type

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Qualifying organisations must report their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Compare your CO2 emissions using our carbon calculator.

More on SECRMore on SECR

Feed-in tariffs

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme is an environmental programme aimed at promoting widespread uptake of small-scale, low carbon, electricity generation technologies.

Feed in tariffs informationFeed in tariffs information

Out of contract rates

You’ll be billed out of contract rates for your electricity or gas if you have not agreed contract prices with us. Until you agree a contract with us or change supplier, deemed or variable business rates will apply as follows.

End of contract infoEnd of contract info

Non-commodity costs

Your energy bill is made up of non-commodity costs - the transmission and distribution costs, and charges associated with government schemes and levies - as well as costs from commodity (electricity or gas).

More on non-commodity costsMore on non-commodity costs

Energy theft

Energy theft is tampering with a meter or its connections. This means the meter doesn’t accurately record how much gas or electricity is being used.

More info on energy theftMore info on energy theft

Useful links

If you’re looking for even more information, you may find it on one of these websites. We’ve compiled a list of useful sources that provide further information and guidance on the energy market.

Useful linksUseful links

Triad warnings

Sign up for advance warnings so you can consider reducing electricity consumption during potential triad periods.

Triad warnings informationTriad warnings information

Glossary of trading terms

Energy industry and market trading terminology can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with all the acronyms and phrases, so we’ve created this guide to help you make sense of some of the common abbreviations and expressions.

Glossary of trading termsGlossary of trading terms

What do I do if I can’t pay my energy bills?

Your options to manage debt for your business if you can’t afford your bills.

Get help with overdue billsGet help with overdue bills

Complaint handling statement

For small and micro business customers. We’re committed to offering the very best in customer service and will do all we can to help you manage your account.

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