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Out of contract rates

Out of contract rates

You’ll be billed out of contract rates for your electricity or gas if you have not agreed contract prices with us. Until you agree a contract with us or change supplier, deemed or variable business rates will apply as follows.

If you move to premises supplied by us, you’ll be charged our variable business rates (VBR).

You’ll also go onto our VBR if your contract with us ends and you have not sent us a termination notice or accepted the renewal prices offered.

VBR are not as competitively priced as our fixed term contracts, so more cost-effective options are likely to be available.

If your contract with us ends and you have sent us a termination notice, and not accepted the renewal prices offered, you’ll go onto our deemed rates.

Deemed rates are the least cost-effective way to buy your energy from us.

You’ll find more details and links to our current rates by clicking the relevant tab above.

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