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We may need to access your premises for several reasons, including reading or fitting meters, dealing with faults and collecting payments. Here are some details worth bearing in mind if we’re visiting.

Arranging visits

Unless we're visiting for a routine meter reading, we'll usually arrange visits directly with you by phone or letter. If a suggested date is inconvenient, we'll be happy to rearrange. Just give us a call on 0345 725 2526.

Appointment times

We offer our business customers weekday appointments with either morning or afternoon time slots (subject to availability).

We will keep all appointments we agree with you, unless:

  • you cancel the appointment
  • you are out when we call, or
  • exceptional circumstances force us to cancel the appointment and we give you at least one working day’s notice
  • we attend the site, but the premises are deemed unsafe to enter by our operatives.

If we fail to keep our appointment without a good cause, you may be eligible for a payment of £30 for each missed appointment. These are the penalty payments as laid down in our guaranteed standards of performance. You can get a copy by contacting our Customer Services or by visiting our website.

Please notify us if you can’t be available on site for any scheduled appointments, so that we can rebook the visit for another date.

Our representatives

Our representatives who visit your premises may be employees of SSE or service providers calling on our behalf. They’re all aware of the high standard of customer service and care we expect from them, and they’re trained to perform their jobs professionally, courteously and efficiently.

If we send someone to visit you, they'll explain who they are and their reason for calling. They'll also take reasonable care and attention during their visit. If you have further questions, they’ll be able to give you an appropriate phone number to call.

We work with the following service providers, who may visit you on our behalf:

  • Energy Assets
  • IMServ
  • Lowri Beck
  • Morrison Data Services
  • SMS plc
  • TMA Data Management Ltd

Checking the caller’s identity

Our representatives wear their company-branded clothing when they visit. They’ll be able to explain that they’re calling on behalf of SSE, and will automatically show their identity cards. This card shows their colour photo, their name, the company's trading name and an expiry date. Please check the identity card carefully before you let them in.

You can find a list of the service providers we work with in “Our representatives” above.

Our Account Managers may also visit your premises from time to time. They're unlikely to wear SSE Energy Solutions-branded clothing, but they will show you their identity card.

We occasionally use external companies to collect money owed to us for unpaid bills. If we need to send someone to collect money from you, they'll contact you before they visit. The caller will also carry an identity card clearly marked with their company's name and carry a letter of authority to act on our behalf.

Meter reading

We don't usually give advance notice of our routine meter reading visits, which can take place between 7.30am and 8pm. If no one is available when our meter reader calls, we'll leave a card explaining that we may call back later.

If you have an automated (AMR) or smart meter that doesn’t require us to take readings, we may also need to occasionally inspect or service the meter.

You can submit your meter reading online if this is more convenient.

You can also call us on 0345 725 2526 or send readings by post to SSE Energy Solutions, No. 1 Forbury Place, 43 Forbury Road, Reading, RG1 3JH.

Metering services are subject to a charge. Please contact us for more information.

Password scheme

For additional security, we offer a scheme where you can agree a unique password with us. It's straightforward. You just set up a personal password with our Customer Services team and then our representative will use it when they call.

Payment collection

At SSE Energy Solutions, we understand that times are difficult for many businesses, and missed payments can happen for a number of reasons. If you’re having trouble paying your energy bills, please call us on 0345 725 2526 so we can help you find a solution.

We occasionally use external companies to collect money owed to us for unpaid bills. If our collector can’t collect full payment or agree a suitable payment arrangement, we'll apply for a Warrant of Entry in accordance with the Rights of Entry (Gas & Electricity Boards) Act 1954 (as amended) and the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended). This will allow us access to disconnect your supply (if it's safe and practical to do so). The warrant allows us to enter your premises even if you don’t give us permission or you’re out.

But we only do this as a last resort when all other attempts to agree payment arrangements have failed. So if you’re struggling to pay your bills, please call us on 0345 725 2526 so we can help.