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Refunds and credits

If your gas or electricity bill is showing a credit balance, you may be eligible for a refund. If you’re a direct debit customer and have a recurring credit balance each month, please contact us with your current meter reading and we’ll reassess your monthly payments.

How to get a refund

To ensure your account credit balance is correct, please contact us with the following information:

  • A current meter reading – this will be used to ensure your account is billed up to date for the correct energy.
  • Details of any other gas or electricity accounts you have with us – if you have any other business accounts, we'll discuss your options, such as transferring your credit to one of your other accounts that may have a debit.

If your credit balance is correct, we can issue a refund using one of the following methods:

  • If you pay by direct debit, we'll attempt to refund the balance direct to your bank account.
  • If you pay by any other method, the credit can be refunded by cheque.
  • If your payments have been made by credit or debit card, we'll attempt to refund direct to the card(s).

All refunds should be processed within 10 working days from the date you contact us. Our Customer Service team will be in touch if your refund is delayed.

If you have a credit balance and pay by budget direct debit

Budget direct debits are calculated for a 12-month period, so it’s not uncommon for your account to reflect a credit balance at some points during the year, generally during periods of lower energy use, such as summer. This credit is typically used during periods of higher energy use, such as winter.

If you wish to verify your credit balance, please contact us with a current meter reading. If you believe your monthly payments are too high or low based on your usage, we’ll check this and adjust your regular payments if required, or issue a partial or full refund.

If you close your gas and electricity accounts

If you move your supply from SSE Energy Solutions or move from premises supplied by us, your final bill will confirm any closing credit balances you may have:

If you paid your account by direct debit, we'll attempt to refund the closing credit balance direct to your bank account.

If you paid by any other method, the closing credit balance will be refunded by cheque. If you have moved property, please ensure you contact us with a forwarding address to ensure that you receive the cheque.

Where we have the full and correct details, we'll try to issue refunds of credit balances within 28 days of the final bill.

If you have multiple gas and/or electricity accounts, you may prefer to transfer the final credit balance to another account, instead of receiving a refund. If you would rather a final credit balance be transferred, please contact us so that we can look into this further. Alternatively, we may contact you discuss this as an option.

Unclaimed credits

There’s no time limit on claiming a closing account credit.

If you believe you have a closing credit balance that has not been refunded, or you are unsure if you have any closing credit balances to be refunded, please contact us and we’ll be happy to look into this and confirm the situation.

Security deposit refunds

  • If we hold your security deposit at the time your account is finalised, this will be transferred (along with any interest accrued) onto your gas/electricity account.
  • If you have a debit balance on your gas/electricity account, the security deposit is offset against this and any remaining credit will be refunded by cheque.
  • If there isn’t any outstanding balance due for payment on your gas/electricity accounts, the full security deposit (including interest) will be refunded by cheque.
  • If you’ve moved property, please ensure you contact us with a forwarding address to ensure that you receive the cheque.

How to contact us

You can get in touch with us by:

  • Phone: call the number printed on your gas or electricity invoice or 0345 725 2526.*
  • Online: complete our contact us form.
  • Post: write to
    SSE Energy Solutions
    No. 1 Forbury Place
    43 Forbury Road
    RG1 3JH.

* Calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance and compliance purposes.