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Visualise your energy usage and understand where you can save

What is SSE Clarity?

While every business uses energy, very few have a deep understanding of how and when it’s being used.

SSE Clarity is a powerful energy management platform that helps you take control of the energy you use. Using data from your smart meter, it brings together a suite of tools to help measure, manage and forecast your energy usage.

Easy to set up and use, SSE Clarity shows you where you’re using energy, how much and when, presenting all the information in simple graphs and tables.

When you understand your energy usage, you can identify ways to reduce consumption, save money and cut your carbon footprint.

Best of all, SSE Clarity is included free with all our energy plans.

With SSE Clarity you can:

  • Track your business energy usage in easy-to-understand graphs and tables.
  • Reduce the risk of waste with energy alerts by email.
  • Compare consumption across multiple sites.
  • Organise your data by type, time, site or supply.
  • Get help and ongoing support from our dedicated helpdesk.

Or speak to your Account Manager on 0800 072 3317.

Do you need to access my energy data?

Once your SSE Clarity account is set up, your half-hourly data will be fed into your online dashboard and you’ll be able to view, analyse and report on your energy usage.

If you are a third party wishing to access data on behalf of your customer, you can follow the same steps below to activate SSE Clarity.

How do I start using SSE Clarity?

Fill in this Activate Clarity form if you already have a smart or AMR meter and you’re signed up to an electricity or gas plan with us, then we’ll be in touch to set up your free access to SSE Clarity.

Or if you don’t have a smart or AMR meter or one of our energy plans, ask your account manager for more information or give us a call on 0800 072 3317.

SSE Clarity reports

SSE Clarity allows you to set up a range of “snapshots” that give you a quick indication of the energy-related information that’s relevant to you and your business.

This allows you to make a quick daily check to see if there are any problems or issues with the way you’re using energy.

You can also set alarms to alert you to certain scenarios. For example, if you suddenly use more energy than normal, an alarm can be raised to quickly help you to identify the reason.

SSE Clarity compiles the half-hourly data generated by your meters and makes sense of what’s happening across your estate. It can analyse data from different sources, including gas, electricity, water and heat meters.

It then presents your information in a range of reports, including interactive ones that allow you to quickly go from a top-level “helicopter” view to then drill down into further detail to examine any problems and exceptions within the data.

SSE Clarity also offers more advanced reports suited for Energy Managers, including ranking your consumption against your industry norms. If you’d like to access these, please speak to your Account Manager.

SSE Clarity’s reports are divided into two different types:

  • Interactive reports: Drill down into different levels of data.
  • Static reports: View the data in fixed formats.

SSE Clarity interactive reports

The Consumption Report

Allows you to plot consumption from electricity, gas, water, heat and even virtual meters. That data can be compared with consumption over multiple locations, time periods or utilities.

Consumption report Clarity

The Energy Contour Map

An effective way of visualising meter consumption data being used at a site, facility, area or specific plant. Using a colour-coding scheme to indicate the amount of energy being used, each half-hour period is shown across any given day. Besides providing a quick reference that highlights exceptional periods of usage, it can be further interrogated to look for problems and faults.

Contour report Clarity

The Day/Night Split Report

Visualises the energy usage and cost during the day and then during the night. The horizontal data bars in the main report view graph are split between day and night hours. These bars are clickable to trigger a further graph within the drill-down chart area.

Day night split Clarity

The Top Hat Report

An effective way of analysing short-term trends, exceptions and overuse in energy consumption. You can also display the outside air temperature, benchmark data and trading vs non-trading data. The main calendar view offers users a quick way to compare daily half-hourly snapshots. Each is clickable to trigger a drill-down graph showing a full view of that day’s data.

Top hat Clarity

As well as interactive reports, SSE Clarity produces several static reports that can provide further insight and can be easily shared with your colleagues.

SSE Clarity static reports

The Annual Comparison Report

Generates year-on-year annual consumption data, displayed in weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals.

The Cumulative Consumption Report

Provides the aggregated consumption of up to a five-year period and can include a breakdown of sub-meters.

The Data Download Report

Allows an export of multiple meter data over varying time periods for spreadsheet analysis.

The Demand Report

Provides details of daily maximum and minimum demand across the selected period.

The kVA Capacity and Power Factor Report

Visualises levels of demand across a period of time and includes power factor.

The Monthly Billing Data Report

Allows greater visibility of the cost of energy consumption for portfolio and individual site meters.

The Site Capacity Report

Allows comparison of peak usage against agreed capacity levels.