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Helping your business achieve net zero

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Collaborate on the right strategy and infrastructure to get your company to net zero

Commitment is the first step to net zero. Your customers, employees and investors expect you to have a robust sustainability strategy. As well as putting your business on track to meet carbon reduction targets, this brings multiple benefits for your business.

Taking climate action can help you manage costs, boost business thanks to your green credentials, and create a better environment for your team and the wider world.

Nikki Flanders"Just days after COP26 finished, we announced a 65% increase on our existing commitment to invest in renewables, promising to invest £12.5 billion into low-carbon infrastructure over the next five years in the UK and Ireland."

Nikki Flanders, Energy Customer Solutions Managing Director

We’ll work with you to help you along your journey, whatever stage your business is at. At SSE we’ve set challenging 2030 goals for our business, like increasing renewable energy output fivefold and facilitating heat pumps and electric vehicles. And we’re here to help businesses ensure a sustainable future for the next generation.

Working in partnership, through our whole system approach, your business can use energy in a smarter way and cut carbon emissions.

Practical net zero solutions for business customers

Nathan Sanders"I joined this company over 30 years ago, and I’ve never been so excited by the opportunities that lie ahead for us and for those we work with; whether that’s a network of EV rapid charging hubs, or our multi-GW pipeline in solar and battery storage."

Nathan Sanders, Distributed Energy Managing Director

Use energy efficiently

Moving your business towards net zero starts with using energy as efficiently as possible – to do that you need the right information. First, measure your energy usage and get your data. Then you can investigate where you could make savings. A smart meter is an invaluable starting point, and your energy supplier should install one at no additional cost.

So you can easily visualise your energy usage from your smart data, you’ll get free access to SSE Clarity energy management platform with our electricity and gas plans. These include fixed tariff options so you know how much energy will cost for the contract term. Or talk to us about our range of data and reporting services to suit your organisation.

Once you have your data, it’s time to start making savings. You can take a look at energy efficiency tips for your industry on this website. Or book an in-depth energy audit for your organisation, where a qualified assessor will look at every aspect of your energy consumption, and projected savings based on tailored solutions.

Energy efficiency advice

Becoming more energy efficient is a simple way to help your business lower costs, reduce your carbon footprint and attract new, eco-conscious customers.

Energy efficiency advice for your sectorEnergy efficiency advice for your sector

Smart meters

With a smart meter, you will have all your energy data at your fingertips, so you'll find ways to improve your energy efficiency, lowering your costs and carbon footprint.

More about smart meters More about smart meters

Energy audits and compliance

An energy audit is carried out by a qualified assessor who will look closely at every aspect of your energy consumption and suggest specific solutions to reduce your energy expenditure and carbon emissions.

Energy audits and compliance Energy audits and compliance

Electricity and gas tariffs

Our fixed-price energy plans give you peace of mind. And all come with 100% renewable electricity as standard and optional renewable gas.

Take a look at our gas and electricity plansTake a look at our gas and electricity plans

SSE Clarity

SSE Clarity is a powerful energy management platform that helps you take control of the energy you use. Using data from your smart meter, it brings together a suite of tools to help measure, manage and forecast your energy usage.

More about our energy reporting toolMore about our energy reporting tool

Business Energy Intelligence (BEI)

BEI helps you to visualise trends and see wastage across multiple utilities. A standalone system or tied to your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). The data can be easily analysed and interrogated to help you monitor, target, and ultimately, save.

Find out moreFind out more

Choose green energy

Whatever energy you use – make it green. It’s critical to make strategic energy choices to achieve net zero. All our fixed electricity plans include 100% renewable energy from SSE’s wind farms and hydro plants. You can also partner with us to buy electricity from a specific SSE wind farm. And if you want green gas for your business, we offer renewable and carbon-neutral tariffs.

Wherever you use energy – choose renewables and low-carbon technology. Beyond greening your energy supply, you can consider further solutions to reduce emissions. That could be electric vehicle charging for fleets, workplaces and hubs. Or how to heat and cool a residential and retail development in the most efficient way.

Whenever you use energy – be prepared for the net zero transition. EV operators can take advantage of time of use tariffs, which save you money for charging off-peak and help balance demand on the grid. For heating and cooling, you can incorporate on-site sources like heat pumps alongside efficient gas.

Renewable electricity

All our 100% renewable electricity comes from SSE’s own UK hydro plants and wind farms. And we’re building lots more – clean, renewable energy generation to help the UK reach net zero.

Find out more about green electricityFind out more about green electricity

Electric vehicles

Whether you’re after green electricity for operational EVs, workplace EV charging for your employees and visitors, on route charging, or complete EV infrastructure to electrify your fleet, we can help you on the road to net zero.

More on electric vehiclesMore on electric vehicles

Heat & cooling networks

Find out how your business can decarbonise its heat and cooling networks

More on heat & cooling networksMore on heat & cooling networks

Green gas

Renewable gas is produced from sources like agricultural materials, food waste and wastewater. And using it results in lower greenhouse gas emissions than the gas derived from the fossil fuels it replaces.

More about SSE Green GasMore about SSE Green Gas

Go further with low-carbon solutions

If your organisation has ambitious plans to go beyond initial climate targets, or complex energy needs, it’s essential to embed low-carbon solutions that deliver long-term sustainability. An effective net zero strategy requires lateral thinking and a digital-first, whole system approach.

The next step in building your ideal net zero infrastructure could be to optimise your energy usage, and decarbonise your property with building energy management systems (BEMS). Smart management of places can take this further, connecting and monitoring various elements of a city’s infrastructure to optimise energy consumption.

Integrating renewable energy is part of this, including generating and storing your own electricity. This allows you to take control of costs, meet demand better and reduce your carbon footprint further.

Together we can power change for net zero.

Smart buildings

Smart control, management, and integration of building systems including HVAC, lighting, air quality, security, and energy usage

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Smart cities & places

Find out how working in partnership we can deliver integrated technologies and physical assets and network to optimise the efficiency of city operations its inhabitants

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Smart transport

Discover how interconnection and smart digital solutions for transport infrastructure will be vital to business

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Solar & Storage

SSE Solar & Storage Solutions and Distributed Generation & Battery Storage.

Solar & Storage Solar & Storage