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Green electricity straight from our UK wind farms

Not all green energy is equal. And not all energy suppliers are the same. We’re different because all our 100% renewable electricity comes from SSE’s own UK hydro plants and wind farms.1 And we’re building lots more – clean, renewable energy generation to help the UK reach net zero.

Building the world’s largest offshore wind farm

Wind farm at sea
SSE is currently working with Total to build Seagreen, destined to supply 1.6 million UK homes with clean renewable power. When completed in 2022/23, Seagreen will inherit the title of Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm from Beatrice.

One turn of its massive turbines can power a UK household for two days. When complete, it should supply 6 million homes in the UK with clean, renewable electricity.

That’s Dogger Bank, destined to be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. And the SSE Group is building it with partners Equinor and Eni off the coast of Scotland. We’re also developing Seagreen, set to be Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, and Viking, one of Europe’s most productive onshore wind farms on the Shetland Islands.

As the UK and Ireland’s largest renewable electricity generator, the SSE Group plans to treble its renewable electricity output to 30TWh by 2030, investing £7.5bn in renewables up to 2025. And that’s just the beginning.

No one in the world is leading development of more offshore wind businesses than we are right now. So join us and help us build for net zero – for us and the next generation.

Green power, zero carbon – for businesses of all sizes

At SSE Energy Solutions, we’re on a mission to bring SSE’s clean, green electricity to all businesses in the UK. So you can cut your carbon footprint, however big or small.

If you’re a small business, choose a fixed-price energy plan and you’ll get our 100% renewable electricity included.1

For larger businesses on flexible contracts, you have a range of options: from our standard SSE Green Electricity to SSE Corporate Power Purchase Agreement – a simple way to buy the power you need direct from a wind farm, short or long term.

All our green electricity is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). And with independent verification by EcoAct, an Atos company, it’s easy to report zero carbon emissions for electricity.

Join us today and help us build a better world of energy for tomorrow.

Next generation

Renewable electricity from a named UK source

SSE Clyde Wind Farm

Grow your business and report zero carbon emissions with 100% renewable electricity from one of our named wind farms.1

By choosing a wind farm near your business, you can show you’re committed to sustainability and your local communities.2 And with certified green electricity independently verified by EcoAct, an Atos company, reporting zero carbon emissions is a breeze.

Choose SSE Next Generation and you’ll be supporting future renewable energy in the UK – for us and the next generation.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

Help lead the transition to net zero

Wind farm

Go one step further with SSE Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) – a simple, flexible way to access 100% renewable energy direct from one of our UK wind farms.1

Buy only the volume of electricity you need for a term that suits you, from one to five years. And with prices fixed for the duration of your agreement, you can budget with more certainty.

Sign up for SSE CPPA today and show customers and stakeholders how you’re cutting carbon – help lead the transition to net zero.

SSE Green electricity and SSE Next generation - Your questions answered

  1. All our renewable electricity is sourced from wind and hydro assets wholly or partly owned by SSE Renewables, our sister company in the SSE Group. With SSE renewable electricity, you’ll continue to get your electricity through the national grid as normal, and we’ll match your consumption to REGOs from the SSE Group’s generating assets.
  2. Choice of wind farm subject to availability.