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Business Energy Intelligence

Save money and reduce your energy consumption – just use our intelligence

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Before you can develop a reliable energy efficiency strategy for your organisation, you need a sound understanding of how it uses energy. Our Business Energy Intelligence service will give you all the information you need by taking in all your half-hourly data and making sense of it.

Business Energy Intelligence helps you to visualise trends and see wastage across multiple utilities. It can be used as a standalone system or tied to your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Most importantly, using a range of algorithms and macros, the data can be easily analysed and interrogated to help you monitor, target and, ultimately, save.

Crucially, Business Energy Intelligence gives you a very visual and simple way to navigate ‘big data’. With the advent of trends like the Internet of Things, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the information available. Business Energy Intelligence captures data from multiple sources and makes sense of it all.

Once you understand your data, it’s easier to commit to a plan that can help you reduce your energy consumption either through physical upgrades or changes to working practices. Ultimately, these changes can then lead to savings, money off the bottom line, better production rates, improved working environments and better management information.

After those changes have been implemented, our software will show you the savings that have been made as a result.

A straightforward data solution

Supplier independent

No matter who supplies your energy, if you’ve got half-hourly data, you can visualise and interpret it with our software.

Intuitive to use

It’s easy to navigate and quick to learn. Can be used by your staff or with assistance from our team.

Government approved

Business Energy Intelligence is registered on G-Cloud 13, a government-led framework enabling public sector organisations to access the latest cloud software and services.

Easily integrated with other systems

Will work alongside Building Energy Management Systems.

Capable of producing reports and scheduling

Business Energy Intelligence produces all the management reporting you need to monitor and interpret your energy usage data.

Virtual Energy Manager

We can also support you by being your virtual energy manager taking on jobs, timescales and outputs as if we were one of your own members of staff.

Our team of analysts will interrogate your energy data, making sure you get the most out of the monitoring and targeting software. It’s a completely flexible service where the Remote Energy Manager’s time can be allocated based on hours per week, day/s per month or right up to full time.

Outputs include reports and/or meetings to deliver findings in presentation formats.

All of this can help drive your energy saving strategy and help you evaluate the effectiveness of energy conservation measures. Perhaps most importantly, our energy experts can help you make savings through smarter deployment while helping your business to save money and reduce its carbon footprint.

Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation

With a greater number of clients now able to record consumption data at half hourly intervals as a result of P272, Smart Metering Implementation Plan (SMIP) and the upcoming introduction of Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement, many may be unaware of the benefits available from choosing their own Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DC/DA) agent.

By selecting your own DC/DA agent, you can eliminate hidden costs of up to 30% whilst taking full control of your energy strategy.

G-Cloud 13

Business Energy Intelligence is part of the G-Cloud 13 framework, set up by the UK Government in 2012 and co-ordinated by the Crown Commercial Service. The framework enables public sector organisations to access the latest government-approved cloud software and services without the requirement for an open tender process.

BEI is a registered solution on the 13th iteration of the framework, G Cloud 13, and will be available via The Digital Marketplace from 09 November 2022.

To book a virtual face-to-face meeting, or for more information call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk

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Remote optimal

We use a remote connection to your BEMS system to provide maintenance and support without having to visit your site. We can optimise your BEMS system and modify Energy strategies and can manage alarms on your behalf.

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Building energy management systems

Effective Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) reduce costs and save energy while improving occupant wellbeing, and ensuring that essential systems remain operating according to your organisation's needs.

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Energy audits and compliance

An energy audit is carried out by a qualified assessor who will look closely at every aspect of your energy consumption and suggest specific solutions to reduce your energy expenditure and carbon emissions.

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Energy savings opportunity scheme

ESOS was set up by the UK government to ensure large organisations contribute to its energy reduction targets. It is a mandatory energy assessment scheme and qualifying organisations must demonstrate they’ve assessed their energy use and identified whether energy-saving improvements can be made.

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