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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Our Qualified Lead Assessors can help you with ESOS compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory UK government designed to reduce large private sector organisations energy consumption and carbon emissions.


What is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

  • ESOS Phase 1 was launched in 2011 as the implementation an EU directive.
  • Qualifying companies have a four-year window in which to comply.
  • The criteria changes for each phase.
  • It is a legal requirement for qualifying organisation and they must demonstrate they have assessed their energy use and identified whether energy-savings improvements can be made.
  • ESOS is all about identifying energy efficiency measures that would result in significant reduction in energy consumption, carbon emissions, and energy cost savings.
  • It is an opportunity to strategically assess your energy management policies and make positive changes to the way your business uses energy.

Does the scheme apply to your company?

A large private organisation is defined as having:

  • At least 250 employees OR an annual turnover of more than £44 million
  • An annual balance sheet total in excess of £38 million

If your company meets these criteria on the 31 December 2022, then you must complete an ESOS Phase 3 assessment.

What are the penalties for non compliance?

Your environmental regulator is responsible for compliance and enforcement activities. The regulator may issue civil sanctions including financial penalties if your organisation doesn’t meet the ESOS obligations.

When is the ESOS Phase 3 deadline?

ESOS phase 3 has already begun. The deadline has been extended to 5 June 2024 (previously 5 December 2023).

Although the deadline has been extended, don't delay and start working on your energy audits and identification of energy savings opportunities now.

Talk to our Qualified Lead Assessors?

With qualified in-house Lead Assessors, we can carry out your ESOS assessment and officially sign off Energy Audits.

Alternatively, if your company’s route to compliance is ISO50001 we can sign off or provide support and guidance for achieving ESOS compliance. As well as recommending a strategy for compliance, we can also complete any energy efficiency upgrades identified in your audit.

Why choose us?

Qualified ESOS Lead Assessors

We have fully qualified in house ESOS Lead Assessors. Our commitment to the highest standards of customer service means that we deliver on our promises, always putting your needs first. SSE is a standard-bearer for corporate and social responsibility. We insist on paying at least the living wage to all our employees. We’re also the only Fair Tax Mark accredited company in the FTSE 100.

An experienced energy partner

SSE has the resources, experience and scale to ensure even the largest and most complex organisations comply with the ESOS guidelines. Our dedicated energy optimisation team has the knowledge and skills to identify energy saving potential and design and install appropriate energy conservation measures. Safety is a core value for us and we rigorously apply the highest safety standards in everything we do.

Contact us

To book a virtual face-to-face meeting, or for more information call us on 0345 076 7664, or email us at energymanagementcentre@sse.com

Remote optimal

We use a remote connection to your BEMS system to provide maintenance and support without having to visit your site. We can optimise your BEMS system and modify Energy strategies and can manage alarms on your behalf.

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Whilst energy efficiency continues to be important, in these troubled times, the safety and wellbeing of your people and visitors is paramount. We can carry out risk assessments and modify your BeMS to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19. Dashboards driven by air quality sensors reassure occupants that the building is safe.

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Business Energy Intelligence (BEI)

BEI helps you to visualise trends and see wastage across multiple utilities. A standalone system or tied to your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). The data can be easily analysed and interrogated to help you monitor, target, and ultimately, save.

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Energy audits and compliance

An energy audit is carried out by a qualified assessor who will look closely at every aspect of your energy consumption and suggest specific solutions to reduce your energy expenditure and carbon emissions.

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