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Building Energy Management Systems

What’s your involvement with Building Energy Management Systems?

Effective Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) reduce costs while improving staff comfort and working conditions. Whether you’re a BEMS expert designing systems for your clients, you’re involved in system or service procurement or you’re a client looking for a complete solution, our expert team is here to help.

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Leading edge support for your BEMS solutions

Thanks to our deep experience and understanding, you can rely on us to support your choices. We can provide detailed operational input that complies with regulations and helps you to produce easily-integrated, future-proof solutions on time and on budget.

Innovative, integrated BEMS solutions


Our close relationships with BEMS manufacturers ensure you can deliver leading edge solutions to your clients – often allowing us to specify products that aren’t yet available in the market and providing strong insights into future innovation.

Using remote connection to our extensive Energy Management Centre, we can ensure your systems continue to deliver optimal performance. We can also help you to deliver more than just building energy management and controls systems, by developing bespoke occupation and purpose strategies that take account of all building stakeholders.

Your building energy management needs

  1. A partner who can offer BEMS product and solution innovation.
  2. Access to the latest BEMS technologies.
  3. Assurance that recommended BEMS solutions meet building specifications and regulations.
  4. Solutions that are future-proof and easily integrated with legacy systems.
  5. Project delivery on time, on budget and to a high standard.

Case study

Newcastle University

The application goes through a number of integrity checks to ensure the correct time parameters are being written to the correct target time clock or set point. When the task is completed a report is provided advising on the success of the update. This is a complete end-to-end, fully automated task, that improves the productivity of the end-user, improving energy efficiency, minimising control drift and ensuring changes across a large estate are completed quickly and efficiently.

Remote optimal

We use a remote connection to your BEMS system to provide maintenance and support without having to visit your site. We can optimise your BEMS system and modify Energy strategies and can manage alarms on your behalf.

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Business Energy Intelligence (BEI)

BEI helps you to visualise trends and see wastage across multiple utilities. A standalone system or tied to your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). The data can be easily analysed and interrogated to help you monitor, target, and ultimately, save.

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Energy audits and compliance

An energy audit is carried out by a qualified assessor who will look closely at every aspect of your energy consumption and suggest specific solutions to reduce your energy expenditure and carbon emissions.

Energy audits and compliance Energy audits and compliance


Whilst energy efficiency continues to be important, in these troubled times, the safety and wellbeing of your people and visitors is paramount. We can carry out risk assessments and modify your BeMS to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19. Dashboards driven by air quality sensors reassure occupants that the building is safe.

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