Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship

SSE’s wider Energy as a Service proposition is built upon the premise of SSE investing in a client’s energy assets in order to deliver an enhanced energy service. There are two distinct models:

  • Asset Deployment allows SSE to work with clients to deploy the right assets for their site, and with it outsource certain associated risks
  • Asset Stewardship provides a time-limited transfer of asset operational responsibility, hence outsourcing risk whilst retaining long-term ownership

Key features and benefit of our solution include:

  • Financial – Provides a financial cash injection by releasing asset equity
  • Risk – Allows the client to outsource asset risk to the safety of a FTSE100 company
  • Scope – Asset Deployment and Asset Stewardship can be applied either to discrete assets or an entire energy estate
  • Complexity – SSE’s has a unique set of capabilities encompassing all aspects of this proposition including energy networks, heat networks, distributed energy and storage assets, building energy management, energy efficiency and energy supply.