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Distributed generation and storage

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Distributed energy is a combination of local generation and storage and demand-side management to provide an effective solution to overall energy provision

SSE Energy Solutions is in a unique position to deliver distributed energy services, drawing on our expertise to create solutions tailored specifically to each individual business’ energy needs.

Whether it’s reducing costs, creating new revenue streams, increasing network resilience, achieving environmental commitments, or mitigating risks, we’ve got what it takes to improve your approach to energy use and to future-proof your business.

Through the use of battery storage, compressed air storage, and more, we’re helping customers to:
  • Reduce exposure to energy costs
  • Avoid peak time energy charges
  • Improve network resilience
  • Earn revenue through energy assets

Our solutions are all about optimising your energy usage through storage. From up front consultancy, to planning, deploying and running the project, we’re with you every step of the way on your journey to energy efficiency.

Reduce cost

As margins are squeezed for everyone, businesses are looking for ways to make cost and efficiency savings. At the same time, energy costs are becoming increasingly volatile. That’s why energy is one place where it makes sense to make savings – exactly what a distributed energy solution aims to deliver.

At SSE Energy Solutions, we deliver tailored services to suit your needs and reduce the costs of your energy usage. Helping, for example, to shift usage away from peak times through demand side response and energy storage.

Increase revenue

Not only does SSE Energy Solutions help to reduce energy costs with distributed energy solutions, but we’re also helping businesses across the UK to identify revenue-adding energy opportunities.

From making better use of the generative assets you already have, to building and installing new assets, our experts can help you realise your energy potential. We can also help you to overcome grid constraints, expand your business and access untapped revenue by building new private networks.

Increase resilience

It goes without saying that network resilience and business continuity are essential to UK businesses, but grid constraints can sometimes make this difficult.

We optimise energy reliability and efficiency through a range of expert services, making sure power supply is always available even if there’s an issue with the grid.

Reduce carbon

Our distributed energy solutions can also help you to reduce your business’ carbon emissions, achieve your environmental commitments and move towards a more sustainable future. This kind of energy management also helps to reduce the costs associated with energy consumption.

Meanwhile, investing in renewables or committing to the electrification of vehicle fleets also helps to future-proof your business and support your business’ corporate and social responsibility strategy.

Mitigate risks

We help businesses mitigate the risks associated with energy assets, drawing on the strengths and expertise in our business unit to deliver a distributed energy solution that’s uniquely tailored to their needs.

Our expert energy knowledge and private network capabilities effectively help you to remove the risks associated with handling your own energy assets. We also help to consolidate your energy costs and consumption, protecting your business against volatile energy costs, and giving you reassurance as we move into the future.


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