A smart alternative to the Radio Teleswitch Service

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By SSE Energy Solutions
13 May 2022

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As the Radio Teleswitch Service closure date draws nearer, affecting the functionality of thousands of meters across the UK, we're providing our customers with a greener, more efficient smart alternative. Installing a smart meter can uncover some significant savings for your business whilst reducing your energy consumption levels and carbon footprint.

What is a Radio Teleswitch Service meter?

The Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) has historically enabled specific electricity meters to be controlled through a longwave transmission frequency that is picked up through their aerial. RTS meters rely on these radio signals to complete certain functions such as switching between peak and off-peak times for heating and/or hot water.

There are two types of meters that are connected to the RTS:


Is the RTS closing?

On 31st March 2024, the longwave transmitter will be shut down, affecting the functionality of all RTS meters. These changes are industry-wide and will affect both domestic and business customers.

The service was due to be terminated on 31 March 2023, but a short extension is being arranged to ensure that all customers have been given the opportunity to exchange their meters before they lose functionality.

Following the closure, we will be unable to support this type of meter. However, we want to ensure all our customers continue getting their heating and hot water as normal, which is why we are offering them a new smart alternative.

Will SSE Energy Solutions upgrade my meter?

All our customers affected by the change will have their meters exchanged to a second-generation SMETS2 smart meter, at no additional cost. They offer a range of intelligent functions and provide more accurate energy data.

You're being offered a smart meter as part of the UK Government's Industrial Strategy to create a world-leading, secure, clean, smart energy system and help meet its ambitious 2050 net zero targets. Installing a smart meter can help your business reduce energy consumption and make a positive environmental impact.

How will my business benefit from a smart meter?

Smart meters can offer a wide range of benefits to your business. For example, your energy readings are sent directly to us, cutting out the need for manual meter readings and freeing up valuable resources for other areas of your business. And as we’ll have accurate readings of your energy consumption, they’ll be no more estimated billing, so you’ll only be charged for the energy you’ve used.

You can also use your smart meter with our free energy management platform, SSE Clarity, which gives you access to your usage data 24/7. With this insight, you can forecast more accurately whilst identify and targeting areas with poor energy efficiency- cutting the amount of CO2 your business generates and helping the UK reach its net zero target.

Want to know more? Take a look at our smart metering page for more information.

What happens next?

We’re in the process of contacting all our customers with an RTS meter, to discuss their smart upgrade.

If you think you might be affected by the closure and haven't received any correspondence from us, please email radioteleswitching@sse.com.