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Revolutionising Tariff Comparison for SMEs with Smart Meter Data

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By Scott Day
27 October 2023

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SMEs with Smart Meter Data

Together with our partners, we are embarking on an innovative project that has the potential to transform the energy landscape for business customers. Our mission is to develop a cutting-edge solution that revolutionises the way SME customers compare tariffs, with a particular focus on time-of-use (TOU) tariffs which record the precise times when energy is consumed.

The consortium comprising SSE Energy Solutions, Utilidex, Unit 9, and the University of Reading has won nearly £50,000 of funding to research a digital platform that enables SMEs to find their best energy deals with the help of advanced tariffs enabled by smart meters.

The grant, provided by the UK Government’s Non-Domestic Smarter Tariff Comparison Programme, will fund Phase 1 of the research which will comprise a 3-month feasibility study. The programme aims to enhance SMEs’ understanding of new tariff types, broaden the use of such tariffs, and support the transition to a more flexible energy system.

We are thrilled to have successfully shared our vision of greater knowledge and choice for SME energy customers to secure funding from the UK Government. This consortium demonstrates the immense strength of partnerships that build collaboration between tech companies, energy providers, universities and the public sector.

The granularity of data that comes from smart meters at SMEs provides an enormous opportunity. This research will explore ways to transform these new information flows into impactful customer value through sophisticated tariffs like time of use and electric vehicle charging tariffs.

This grant is just one of a number of innovative and exciting projects in the pipeline for SSE. We continue to push the envelope in data and technology in order to provide a more cost-effective and sustainable energy service.

Dr Maria Brucoli, SSE’s
Head of Research and Strategic Innovation

Unleashing the Potential

Smart meter data

By harnessing the power of smart meter data, our project aims to create a data-driven tool that empowers non-domestic energy consumers to make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable tariff for their unique requirements.

This tool will leverage data analytics and machine learning to provide accurate and personalised tariff comparisons. This means that consumers can identify and access tariffs that match their energy usage patterns, ultimately leading to cost savings and more sustainable energy consumption.

The Utilidex team is proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to deliver this successful grant proposal alongside SSE Energy Solutions. The incredible expertise that Dr Brucoli assembled in our partnership with the University of Reading and Unit 9 has been truly inspiring. It has allowed us to perceive even greater potential for the tools and solutions we build at Utilidex and envision a bright future for dynamic and powerful tariff comparison systems in the future.

We’re excited that the award of this grant funding from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero allows us to continue to build our collaboration with SSE Energy Solutions. Knowledge-sharing between our organisations is a victory for energy consumers. Combining our perspectives and experiences will yield a whole-systems view of the tariff and energy market and unlock new possibilities for small businesses managing their energy costs.

At SSE Energy Solutions, we share Mike’s passion to uncover the possibilities this project holds. We believe that by harnessing the potential of smart meter data, we can truly transform the way non-domestic customers interact with energy tariffs and pave the way for a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

Michael McCloskey
Director at Utilidex
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