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A stride for smart metering with the first I&C three-phase SMETS2 install

John Abbott, Smart Programme Director
By John Abbott
23 September 2020

Smart Programme Director

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Until now, businesses connected to a three-phase power supply haven’t been able to enjoy the benefits of a smart meter. But I’m delighted to announce these customers can now join the UK’s ever-growing smart energy revolution, thanks to the emergence of new technology being pioneered by SSE Business Energy.

In August, in partnership with our installation partner SMS Plc, SSE Business Energy became the first UK energy supplier to fit a three-phase SMETS2 smart meter at a UK commercial property. Carried out at an Aberdare branch of a family-owned chain of independent pharmacies, it marks the official availability of new technology available to the I&C market, which is great news for hundreds of thousands of Britain’s businesses who are connected to three-phase power.

Allowing savvy customers to see detailed breakdowns of their energy consumption and receive more accurate bills, the switch to smart metering brings a wealth of benefits for business owners. When used in conjunction with SSE Clarity – our free online energy management platform – a smart meter is an invaluable tool to help identify areas where a business could cut down on its energy consumption. Smart meters are also key for businesses looking to reduce their carbon emissions and discover ways to be more economical, so they’re essential for preserving our environment too.

Paving the way for the uptake of other low-carbon technologies, the newly available three-phase smart meters will make it possible for larger organisations with complex power supplies to start discovering greener ways of running. They’ll also enable seamless switching, making it easier than ever for customers to change energy suppliers, and have more choice when they do so. Furthermore, our SMETS2 three-phase smart meters will usher in innovative new tariffs and products – creating more ways for businesses to understand their usage and make savings.

This exciting development in the smart metering programme comes hot on the heels of our previous achievement with SMS Plc earlier in the year, when with their help we became the first UK supplier to install and manually commission a three-phase meter under laboratory conditions, Additionally, we installed the first three-phase new connection in September. We’re ready to start gaining momentum and delivering smart meters to our three-phase customers across the country.

The official arrival of three-phase SMETS2 smart meters is a big milestone for the smart energy movement, and one that will open a currently untapped market of business customers. We can’t wait to get busy introducing this new segment of customers to the world of smart metering. If you’re interested in learning more about our SMETS2 smart meters and how your business could benefit from one, visit our smart metering webpage for more information.