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The benefits of smart meters as a commercial landlord

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By SSE Energy Solutions
20 October 2022

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If you’re a landlord of commercial properties, be it factories, offices or shops, getting a smart meter installed at your premises could save you money, time and hassle. Whether or not you pay the bills at your property, a smart meter can bring you many benefits and help your tenants.

What are the benefits of getting a smart meter installed?

There are many universal benefits to having a smart meter installed that apply to all businesses and households, including accurate timely energy bills, sent directly to the supplier. But how can a smart meter benefit commercial landlords specifically?

Prevent end of tenancy disputes

End-of-tenancy bill disputes can be a significant source of stress and wasted time for a landlord. With estimated bills from a heritage meter, it could be weeks before you can find out your premises’ actual usage and determine whether your previous tenants have underpaid or overpaid.

However, a smart meter can provide you with accurate readings. So, it’s easy to know what is due from your tenant at the end of tenancy and be confident that your incoming tenants are starting with a clean slate.

Tenants may forget to send regular meter readings

If your tenants forget to send regular readings, the estimated bills for your premises will likely go up as a result of this. So, once these tenants move on, you’ll have to spend time resolving the issue to avoid putting off new tenants assuming the property has high energy costs.

You’ll have accurate energy usage data to show to prospective tenants

With a smart meter, you’ll have an accurate record of the energy costs for your property, which you could share with potential tenants to give them an idea of the running costs. This could be invaluable for larger properties such as factories, where tenants place a high value on this information before choosing where to lease. As a result, it could attract more tenants, potentially giving you a chance to select a better-suited tenant.

Encourage reduced energy consumption if you’re the bill payer

If you pay the bills at your lease property, you’ll want to do everything you can to encourage your tenants to reduce their consumption. With a smart meter, tenants can access their energy data and see where they're using energy, giving them the gentle nudge to switch off lights and machines when not in use. But, even if you don’t pay the bills, you’ll still be showing your tenants that you’re an environmentally mindful landlord.

Easily monitor usage during empty periods

Even when your property is empty, you’ll likely to still use energy to heat the premises in the colder months or use the lighting when showing prospective tenants around on viewings. With a smart meter, you can keep an eye on your usage during these void periods and ensure you’re not unnecessarily spending excessive amounts. You may also spot if anything is running up your bill at a time when costs should be minimal.

What are the benefits of a smart meter for my tenants?

As smart meters send readings automatically*, they no longer have to wait around on-site for someone to read their meter. Accurate readings also mean that they only pay for the energy they’ve used, and their bills won’t need to be estimated. In addition, this allows them to forecast their energy expenditure for the year more accurately.

They will also have access to our free energy management platform, SSE Clarity†. This proves a powerful tool helping identify areas to could cut down on energy spending and potentially lower costs.

How can I get a smart meter installed?

Getting a smart meter installed is quick and easy and comes at no extra cost. So, start your smart journey today** by calling our team on 0345 026 0341 to book your appointment or complete this form, and we'll call you.

You can also visit our smart metering page for more information about the installation process and FAQs.

*In the unlikely event that our communication with your smart meter is disrupted, we may advise you to submit a manual meter reading, or you may receive an estimated bill.

†SSE Clarity terms and conditions apply

** Subject to installer availability which can vary from region to region