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Net Zero: The Integrity Pathway – watch SSE Energy Solutions’ contribution to the programme

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By SSE Energy Solutions
03 November 2022

Meet our SSE Energy Solutions experts

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Clare Nasir from the ITN London Studio

SSE Energy Solutions is excited to announce our involvement in a news-style programme #TheIntegrityPathway in partnership with ITN Business, IETA and ICROA.

Anchored by TV presenter Clare Nasir from the ITN London Studio, the programme looks at carbon projects and accreditation programmes and highlights the advances in technology, products and best practices in the carbon offsetting space.

The programme features key industry interviews and news-style reports along with sponsored editorial profiles.

SSE Energy Solutions provides green energy as standard to businesses on fixed electricity plans and the flexible infrastructure you need to grow in our net zero future. Together we can power change.

Watch the full programme here

The Integrity Pathway series created in partnership with IETA, ICROA and ITN Business.

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