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John Abbott, Smart Programme Director
By John Abbott
05 May 2020

Smart Programme Director

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Our Smart Programme Director, John Abbott, announces a ground-breaking development to emerge from the lockdown.

If your business uses three-phase electricity, you may have been feeling left out of the smart energy revolution. With today’s news, that’s about to change.

Here at SSE Business Energy, we’ve been using the lockdown to develop our smart metering programme. And I’m pleased to announce we’re the first UK supplier to install and manually commission a three-phase meter under laboratory conditions.

It’s a significant breakthrough in our drive to offer smart meters to all our customers. Currently, anyone using three-phase electricity can’t find a smart meter that meets their needs.

This is big news for your business – here’s why

If you use three-phase electricity, you can benefit the most from a SMETS2 smart meter. When used in conjunction with SSE Clarity, our free online energy management platform, a smart meter can help you understand how your business uses electricity. That knowledge can help you identify the areas where your business may be using too much energy. And help you use less.

SMETS2 smart meters will usher in an exciting new era of innovative tariffs and products. They’ll also play a key role in scaling up electric vehicle charging in the years to come. And if your business can be flexible on the times you use energy, having a smart meter will allow you to make savings in ways which haven’t even been developed yet.

What’s more, they’ll play an important role in achieving the government’s target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

So what happens next, and when can you upgrade to SMETS2?

We’re using the lockdown to complete our three-phase testing. Once we get the final certification, we’ll start rolling out these meters in the field.

Would you like to be one of the first businesses in Britain to benefit from a three-phase SMETS2 smart meter? Simply contact us to register your interest in smart metering online, or speak to your key account manager or energy broker. And in the meantime, keep an eye on our website for developments, or follow SSE Business Energy on LinkedIn and Twitter.