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Decarbonisation Summit comes to Greater Manchester to enable UK regions to accelerate their net zero ambitions

Catherine Thomas
By Catherine Thomas
17 February 2022

Distributed Energy

Meet our SSE Energy Solutions experts

Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum on 7-8 June 2022

SSE is investing some £7m a day in low carbon infrastructure and my team in distributed energy is helping people and places with practical solutions to get to net zero.

Places like Greater Manchester have set ambitious climate change targets so six months after the success of COP26 we want to facilitate ground-breaking collaboration between the public and private sector on net zero. We’re very excited to be coming to Manchester for our summit and to be working with Green.TV Media once again after our inaugural event in Glasgow during COP.

Nathan Sanders
Managing Director of SSE Energy Solutions, Distributed Energy

It’s long been famed for its leading role in the industrial revolution. But now Greater Manchester has set its sights on triggering a net zero revolution by hosting the second Decarbonisation Summit in June.

Last November saw the inaugural Decarbonisation Summit in Glasgow run parallel to COP26 organised by SSE Energy Solutions and Green.TV Media.

Greater Manchester has ambitions to be carbon neutral by 2038 so we’re delighted to be welcoming the second Decarbonisation Summit to our city in June.

For all the current focus on levelling up it’s important that we keep our focus on ‘greening up’ and six months after COP26 is the ideal time to do just that. I’m looking forward to working alongside other enlightened mayors and leaders to explore practical ways of getting on with the job of making our great cities greener and cleaner places to live.

Councillor Neil Emmott
Greater Manchester lead for the green city region

Now the event is coming to Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum on 7-8 June with the aim of firing up net zero collaboration between the public and private sector.

Covering topics such as solar energy, low emissions heating, plant-based diets, e-mobility and more, the Decarbonisation Summit will also bring together a forum of the UK’s leading ‘Green Mayors’. The idea is to identify practical opportunities for collaboration between city regions to accelerate net zero.

We’re raising the ambitions of the Decarbonisation Summit in year two of this initiative by matching up directly the net zero ambitions of Greater Manchester and other cities with the private sector that can come to the table with the investment and the solutions.

We want this event to feel much more like a proper summit bolstered by a dynamic leadership group to plan direct pathways to decarbonisation with leading political and corporate organisations. Greater Manchester played a formative role in the industrial revolution and now it’s playing its part in the clean technology revolution.

Ade Thomas
Founder of Green.TV Media

As well as a packed programme of panel and networking sessions there will also be exhibition spaces showcasing sustainable innovation for the planned 300 attendees.

The Decarbonisation Summit’s speaker video content will be available live and on-demand across the website, and via social media channels.