Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation

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We are pleased to bring to the market our recently launched Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DC/DA) service, where we will manage the secure collection of Half Hourly consumption data and ensure accurate data is provided to you, your customers and the registered energy supplier.

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As an accredited Data Collector and Data Aggregator that specialises in Half Hourly metering, we ensure all of your consumption data is validated in line with industry regulations. Our Half Hourly experts are also on hand to assist with data queries and to help you better understand your commercial energy usage, making it easier to commit to a plan that can help you reduce your energy consumption.

Historically, only the largest consumers would have Half Hourly meters on-site recording the electricity consumption at 48 half hour intervals. But the Industry has seen programmes such as P272 and the current Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) enabling more consumers to have access to their Half Hourly data. Ofgem are working on transitioning the whole electricity market into Half Hourly settlement which will see suppliers begin migrating smart meters, allowing businesses to consolidate all meters under a single Half Hourly DC/DA.

Why Choose SSE?

Many customers with Half Hourly supplies are unaware that they can choose their own provider for Data Collection and Data Aggregation services, instead of using their supplier’s default agent. By choosing your own agent, clients can make significant savings by having direct contracts for DC/DA. You’ll also have the assurance that our personalised service will provide bespoke and independent consumption reports allowing you to reconcile against supplier invoices, making for a smoother and more efficient bureau service.

By choosing SSE as your Half Hourly Data Collector and Data Aggregator, we can support your journey to net zero carbon emissions by ensuring the secure collection of accurate consumption data from your electricity meter, providing insight into your energy usage and enabling you to take full control of your energy strategy.

To supplement our DC/DA service, our Business Energy Intelligence online energy management platform allows you to remotely monitor your data. It provides access to a wide range of reports that are easy to navigate and enable you to drill down into the data, leading to quick identification of improving carbon efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

We are extremely excited about this new venture and it is an important part of our growing range of value added services for our customers. Contact us today to find out more about this service.

Getting the best data input to achieve the best output

At SSE we take a proactive approach and will work with your chosen meter operator and supplier to ensure the swift resolution of any dial-up failures or exceptions. We also closely monitor any outstanding issues that are preventing the remote collection of your consumption data until resolved and using our expert knowledge in the Half Hourly market, establish root cause errors to ensure continuous improvement.

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What is Data Collection?

Consumption data is automatically collected from your electricity meter in 48 half hour periods everyday via a remote connection. Where a remote connection is not possible, the data will be collected manually via a site visit. Once the data has been retrieved it will be validated to ensure accuracy and to identify any anomalies prior to submitting to the supplier.

Where the Data Collector has been unable to obtain actual data, estimates will be created inline with industry regulations and once this has been completed the data will be securely submitted to your registered supplier for billing.

The Balancing and Settlement Code requires 99% actual data across the Half Hourly industry. This is achieved by working closely with your meter operator and Supplier in order to resolve any dial failures and meters which don’t have a remote connection. At SSE we’ll work in partnership with your chosen agents to ensure actual data can be provided.


What is Data Aggregation?

Once the consumption data has been retrieved and validated it will be submitted to the Data Aggregator. The Data Aggregator is responsible for profiling the data received in line with industry regulations and submitting this into settlements.

It is imperative that the data submitted into settlements is accurate as this is used to bill the supplier for the energy their customers have used.

The Data Aggregator will also be responsible for managing any exceptions in the data received. At SSE we take a pro-active approach in identifying, managing and resolving these exceptions to ensure only accurate data is submitted.


Features and benefits of half hourly data collection and data aggregation


Secure connection of your Half Hourly consumption data


Data collection by a secure specialist system ensuring data quality and completeness.


Accurate data provided to you and your supplier


An accurate picture of your energy consumption to assist with energy efficiencies, providing you with the ability to ensure your supplier invoices are accurate


Data validation and estimation


Data validation by a specialist system giving you quality assurance


Fault management


We will take a proactive approach for all exceptions and identified faults. We will work closely with your meter operator and supplier to ensure a quick resolution


Data Aggregation Services and compliance with the Balancing and Settlement Code


Compliance and transparency with industry regulations


Half Hourly consumption reports


A better understanding of your data usage making it easier to commit to a plan to reduce carbon and energy consumption


Data services helpdesk during office hours


Half Hourly experts with Knowledge of industry regulations on hand to help you with data enquiries

To book a virtual face-to-face meeting, or for more information call us on 0345 072 9529, or email us at

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