SSE Enhance enables clients to optimise performance against objectives (such as revenue generation, cost reduction, carbon reduction, and/or security of supply) through bespoke algorithms.

  • Maintaining security of supply/Ensuring power quality/Increasing levels of load beyond grid supported levels
  • by dynamically optimising the alignment of load, generation and storage
  • Increasing levels of renewables that can be deployed by managing peak export and/or dynamically aligning generation to storage and load
  • Maximising own use of local low carbon generation/Minimising network connection costs by dynamically aligning export limits, generation, load and storage

SSE Enhance is built upon Smarter Grid Solution’s ANM Strata platform, which is one of the most deployed Smart Grid platforms in the UK. It combines Smarter Grid Solution’s control and optimisation expertise, with SSE’s energy and engineering experience, to create a fully optimised and customisable solution. Key features of the solution include:

  • Whole energy system – SSE Enhance Grid can manage complex energy systems including city wide and campus energy systems
  • Control – Client portal enables clients to update asset availability to trade in line with changing business priorities
  • Algorithms – Automatically optimise and manage your assets in line with strategic objectives, such as the level of renewable generation connected to a network, load capacity, etc.