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SSE Energy Solutions - Distributed Energy - Whole System Thinking

In Energy production, the term "distributed energy" refers to a system in which energy is generated and distributed at or near the point of consumption, rather than being centralised in large power plants and then transported over long distances.

This concept encompasses a variety of technologies, including small-scale renewable energy generation such as rooftop solar panels and community wind turbines, as well as energy storage systems and demand-side management techniques.

The utilisation of distributed energy systems can have numerous benefits, including increased energy security and resilience, reduced transmission and distribution losses, and the ability to incorporate a greater amount of renewable energy into the overall energy mix.

Distributed energy resources can also provide ancillary services to the grid, thus contributing to the stability of the grid. It is a paradigm shift in the way we generate and consume energy, and one that is garnering increasing attention and investment in the evolving energy landscape.

"SSE Energy Solutions’ Whole System approach invests in, builds and controls localised, flexible energy assets to accelerate a path to net zero and create a more resilient energy system for the long-term"

Solutions to drive integration

Our distributed energy teams employ technological advances in flexible generation and storage, district heating, vehicle charging and electrical networks optimising generation and load using digital platforms. Combined with advanced data analytics, we give our clients the opportunity to visualize, control, and trade energy flexibly.

Emerging client partnerships

Just as we see the energy landscape transitioning from a centralised top down approach to a more local, distributed system, we also see a transition in the way public and private sector organisations are working together to tackle the big ticket climate issues. In several parts of the UK and Ireland, progressive local authorities are joining together, collaborating with health trusts, local universities, local industry and also energy companies to move the dial on climate action. At SSE Energy Solutions we are at the forefront of such discussions as we seek out partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

Long term investment

Our long-term investment, asset ownership and stewardship models can take the financial challenge away from decarbonisation whilst ensuring security of sustainable energy supply, reducing risks for our clients and helping them achieve their economic, social and environmental goals

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