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How to promote your business’s sustainability on social media

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By Rachelle Gallagher | Hydrogen
28 April 2023

Social Media Specialist

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In this blog, we teamed up with award-winning social media agency, We Are Hydrogen, who share the latest advice and best-practice for small businesses promoting their sustainable credentials.

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As consumers become more environmentally conscious, promoting your business on social media and showcasing your green credentials can be an effective way to attract and retain customers who share your values. Here are some tips for using social media for marketing your business's sustainability goals and claims...

Identify and share your sustainability initiatives

Text on image reads: Social media should be interactive, so remember to like, comment and share posts where possible. This will encourage non-followers to visit your page.

Share information about the steps your business is taking to reduce its environmental impact. This could include:

As a result, you can highlight the positive impact of these initiatives on the environment and your community as well as encourage knowledge sharing. If you're not sure where to start, you can check our how to become a sustainable business blog here.

Share your sustainable products and services

Text on image reads: Create a bespoke icon to display online on individual products to highlight that they are made from sustainable materials.

If your business sells eco-friendly products or services, showcase them on social media.

Share images and descriptions of your products, highlighting their eco-friendly features and benefits. Remember to use the wide range of creative formats available on social platforms such as reels (Instagram's video format), carousels (where you can include multiple images in one social media post), stories and interactive stickers.

This can help raise awareness of your sustainable products, drive traffic to your website and attract potential customers who value environmentally responsible products.

Highlight your certifications and awards

Text on image reads: Choose hashtags on Instagram with 50-250k mentions rather than in the millions. This makes it harder for your content to appear on the explore page. The volume of each hashtag with display via the search bar.

If your business has received any sustainability certifications or awards, make sure you share them as part of your social media marketing strategy. This can help build trust with your customers and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

This can also help foster a sense of community with other companies who may have won the award, or are working towards certain credentials.

Encourage customer engagement

Text on image reads: Remember to use features available on each platform, such as the question sticker on Instagram stories or the poll feature on Twitter.

Engage with your customers on social media by encouraging them to share what they would like to see from your business, in terms of sustainability ideas or initiatives.

You could also choose a dedicated day such as #SustainabilityOnSundays to curate content on one specific day to get your audience used to this type of content.

Promote community engagement

Text on image reads: If you're partnered with an organisation to do this, be sure to tag them in any posts to boost engagement.

If you’re passionate about sustainability, remember to get involved with the conversation by increasing your social media presence. Search for like-minded businesses and relevant hashtags, and like, share or comment if you feel you have something engaging and worthwhile to say.

Engaging on social media in this way will also help amplify your own message and reach a wider audience, as other users may visit your profile as a result.

Some social media inspiration...

We've highlighted some creative examples showcasing sustainable practices from other small businesses across social media platforms below. Social examples - Zellar, ACS and Courteenhall

On World Wildlife Day, online sustainability platform Zellar uses the popular hashtag on Instagram so their account could be seen by a new, like-minded audience. And notice how sustainable fashion brand, ACS Clothing, focuses on a trending topic and displays their creative in a carousel. Then there’s the family-run agricultural business Courteenhall Farms who have used their social platforms to promote their litter picking initiatives in their local community.

In summary, promoting your business's sustainability on social media is a powerful way to build a loyal customer base and attract new customers who share the same values. By sharing your initiatives, products, certifications, and engaging with your customers, you can make a positive impact on the environment while building a stronger brand.

If you’d like to get your employees engaged and involved, you can also read our blog on how to engage employees on your net zero journey.

If you found this blog useful, visit SSE Energy Solutions' small business sustainability hub for more free tools, tips and expert advice.

Please note, SSE Energy Solutions has written this blog for information purposes only. We recommend speaking to your own business and financial advisors before taking any direct action that will impact your business.