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Updates to the BEI™ Energy Optimisation platform

By Dr Andrew Eaton
17 February 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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Having a complete picture of your energy, carbon and other services, can make a huge difference. Business Energy Intelligence (BEI) from SSE is our energy visualisation platform that gives you a forensic picture of not just your energy consumption, but also water, EV, carbon, heat, steam and virtual metering and sub-metering. With this knowledge, you can make changes to cut your energy wastage, your bills, and your carbon footprint.

If you are not currently a BEI user but would like to get a handle on your energy use, visit our blog introducing BEI.

Our technology team is constantly striving to build upon the platform and to enhance the experience of using BEI. As a result, we have recently upgraded the system in line with feedback from our users.

Occupancy Option

Based on pre-defined times, BEI clearly shows the times during which the building is occupied, enabling excess energy usage outside these times to be clearly identified.

Outside Air Temperature (OAT)

The outside air temperature has a significant effect on the amount of energy used for heating or cooling. BEI now shows OAT on the drill-down report, to enable correlations to be identified.

Indication of Weekends

Weekends are now highlighted by shading to enable them to be easily and rapidly identified.

Highest and Lowest

For the chosen time period, the points of highest and lowest energy usage are clearly indicated by red (highest) and green (lowest) arrows.

Dynamic Alerts

The new Alarm Builder allows you to demonstrate and model alarms before going live; getting you to where you want to be faster.

  • Can push out email notifications alerting to the exception.
  • Alert on Cost instead of consumption
  • Smart Alarms using weather analysis
  • Ensure optimum energy performance is maintained – helps eliminate risk of drift.

Other Updates

  • New regression analysis report
  • New EV dashboard report
  • New Energy & Carbon Report
  • Chatbot for quick answers and access to help videos
  • New Data download builder – self-serve.
  • New Data integrity reports added to static report options.
  • Data correction tool added.

Managed Service

We are now able to remotely provide a dedicated Energy Manager who will use BEI to analyse your data and to advise on opportunities to save money and energy. The service can be tailored to meet the needs of your business and budget.

Coming soon…

As part of our Customer Charter, we are committed to continually developing our products and services, based on customer feedback. Here are more features that will be available soon to customers of BEI.

  • Multiple currencies
  • Tenant billing

For more information on these upgrades, call us on 0345 072 9529 , or email us at info@sseenergyoptimisation.co.uk