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Business Energy Intelligence™ (BEI) – Take control of your energy and carbon – Part 1

By Dr Andrew Eaton
06 February 2020

Product Marketing Manager

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Having a complete picture of your energy, carbon and other services, can make a huge difference. SSE’s Business Energy Intelligence (BEI) is our energy visualisation platform that gives you a forensic picture of not just your energy consumption, but also water, EV, carbon, heat, steam and virtual metering and sub-metering. With this knowledge, you can make changes to cut your energy wastage, your bills, and your carbon footprint.

Bringing your data to life

Connected to circa 200,000 meters, BEI‘s cloud-based interactive service is one of the leading platforms available.

Its success is based on it letting you quickly see a series of reports from across your entire estate. Efficient and user-friendly, it includes ‘snapshots’ to help you easily spot any problems. And the ability to set alarms to alert you to certain scenarios. For example, if you suddenly use more energy than normal, an alarm can be raised that will help you identify the reason quickly and efficiently.


How we help

  • Intuitive online energy and carbon management platform.
  • Energy, carbon and cost data shown in both graphical and tabular form.
  • Range of options to interrogate your data.
  • Quick ‘snapshots’ highlight issues at log-in.
  • Set alarms to identify exceptions and problems.
  • Identify ways to save and manage energy.
  • Benchmarking against other business types.
  • Easily download and share reports (across multiple sites).
  • Chatbot for quick answers and access to help videos.
  • Tables to engage staff in driving energy costs down.

What BEI does for you

Improve energy efficiency: Reduce waste and costs.

Intuitive interface: Easy to navigate.

Dynamic alerts: No need to wait to take action – alerts sent in real time via email.

Alarm builder: Allows users to set up alarm parameters more accurately - saving time on set up and more likely to get it right first time.

Integrated weather analysis: Reduces false alarms. Highlights buildings using more energy than expected, based on correlation with the weather, allowing you to focus on the real issues.

Visualise other services: Make use of existing systems, such as room occupancy.

Data-agnostic: Can visualise, benchmark and analyse data from any metered source – including electric, gas, steam, heat, renewable, EV and even virtual meters.

Tablet reading Alarm details
The Alarm Builder allows you to demonstrate and model alarms before going live: getting you to where you want to be, faster.

In part 2 of this article we discuss the static and interactive reports that BEI generates, and we discuss the Managed BEI service

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