homenews and insights tackling hidden energy costs could save big businesses millions and reduce

Tackling ‘hidden’ energy costs could save big businesses millions and reduce energy consumption

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By SSE Energy Solutions
12 November 2020

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Tackling ‘hidden’ energy costs could save big businesses millions and reduce energy consumption

Pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and banks are just a few of the energy consumers who could save up to 30% on ‘hidden’ energy costs whilst increasing energy efficiency by 10%* thanks to smart use of data produced every 30 minutes.

Businesses that use automated half-hourly electricity meters may be unaware they are being charged by third-party agents, chosen by their energy supplier, to collect and validate energy use.

Eunice Mabey, Energy Optimisation Manager at SSE Energy Solutions, said businesses across the UK could enjoy substantial cost and efficiency benefits by having their data services managed on a bespoke basis.

She said: “We are new to this market; and can therefore bring in what we feel is some fresh thinking. Our aim is to modernise commercial energy consumption so that we can best help businesses on their journey to net zero carbon emissions.

“New technology means we can analyse data forensically to create a clear picture of exactly how energy is being used in one building or across an estate every 30 minutes.

“Many businesses are unaware that they can choose their own provider for these data services. By choosing their own advisor, businesses can make significant savings on energy contracts and have the assurance that energy invoices are independently assessed and are more accurate.”

SSE has brought together a specialist team of half hourly market experts to help thousands of SSE sites overcome the hidden cost of default data aggregation.

The new Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregation service launches this week with bespoke dashboard reporting allowing for easy analysis of electricity data, and proactive data management to ensure accuracy ahead of the industry-wide move into Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement next year following the rollout of Smart meters.

*According to the Carbon Trust, effectively managed energy data can reduce energy usage by up to 10%, saving commercial customers thousands of pounds on their average bills.

For more information, contact: Steven Herd :: steven@hottinroof.co.uk :: 0131 510 0258