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SSE Energy Solutions launches half-hourly renewable energy mapping for customers

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By SSE Energy Solutions
19 December 2023

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The new reporting will allow customers to map their half-hourly electricity consumption against renewable energy output from the wind farm supplying them.

Customers can now take advantage of additional reporting benefits as part of their Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA), thanks to a new partnership with energy software specialist Granular Energy.

The additional layer of reporting gives businesses more visibility of their consumption against the real-time dynamics of the energy system, providing greater transparency of the extent to which renewable energy is powering their operations.

While the level of renewable generation in the UK energy market is increasing, many gaps in low-carbon output still need to be filled by sources of fossil-fuelled power to keep the energy system running 24 hours a day.

What this means for customers

The new SSE Energy Solutions service paves the way for new levels of transparency in carbon reporting and enabling businesses’ to shift when they use energy to reduce their emissions.

SSE Energy Solutions’ Head of Development, Jon Kirby, said, “The latest offering in partnership with Granular Energy is part of our strategy to give businesses access to a wider range of green energy products and tools that can enhance the information they share with their own customers.

“Businesses understandably want buy-in to the energy transition and that is why we have worked to enhance our CPPA offerings so that more customers have opportunities to take renewable energy directly from SSE and see this in action.

“Feedback from some of our energy customers indicated that CPPAs can be too complex, resource-intensive, and lengthy for their needs. That is why several of our customers are now benefitting from the flexibility and price certainty across our CPPA offerings, combining the portion of PPA volume they want for the length of time they feel comfortable with.”

Granular Energy CEO, Toby Ferenczi, said: “The COP28 text pushes for a concerted, global effort to move away from fossil fuels. Energy buyers have a key role to play in procuring green energy and demonstrating demand for renewables. Hourly matching reveals demand for renewables around the clock and will accelerate the energy system transition.”

Alongside Granular Energy, SSE is working to enhance the scope of its energy mapping to broaden its product offerings, and give customers more influence over their electricity use, and reduce their carbon footprint. Greater insight into electricity consumption can also help businesses fulfill reporting criteria around their sustainability claims.

About SSE Energy Solutions

SSE Energy Solutions is a non-domestic energy supplier, which provides gas and electricity to businesses of all sizes across Great Britain, supplying around 420,000 separate metering points. The business also provides distributed energy infrastructure such as private networks, behind-the-meter generation, heat networks, EV charging, and related digital services needed to help businesses and public sector customers transition to a low-carbon future. The business is part of SSE plc, the FTSE-30 company headquartered in Perth, Scotland and with interests across the UK and Ireland, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We are a leading generator of renewable electricity and one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK.

About Granular Energy

Granular Energy is a start-up providing solutions for sourcing for electricity suppliers and corporate consumers to facilitate the transition to clean supply. Granular Energy’s mission is to pave the way to a carbon-free grid. Granular Energy’s fast-growing team of expert professionals, with backgrounds in energy and financial markets, spans over 5 countries. Granular Energy is also the Free Electrons 2023 Startup of the Year, the world’s largest open innovation program focused on bringing disruptive energy innovations to life.

Help lead the transition to net zero carbon emissions. Find out more about SSE Energy Solutions Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) and half-hourly reporting today.