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Ideas at work - Haggerston and Kingsland


Essential services for business, delivered with energy.

SSE Energy Solutions is helping to deliver a low carbon housing development in the heart of the east London Borough ofHackney by installing a district heating scheme using energy efficient technologies.

SSE Energy Solutions owns and operates the two energy centres along with a district heating infrastructure that provides heat and hot water for the development.

The two sites, Haggerston and Kingsland, are situated a short distance apart, separated by the Regent Canal. Therefore the design incorporates an Energy Centre and district heating network in each part of the development which will operate independently. PRP Architects designed the development and Taylor Wimpey is the main contractor on the project. Homes range from stylish modern two person flats up to five bedroom eight person houses.

Heat and power solution

The Energy Centres each contain a 200KWe gas fired CHP plant, as well as gas boilers for standby and peak loads.

SSE Energy Solutions has undertaken detailed design of the heating infrastructure in conjunction with venture partner Vital Energi, the leading UK specialist in district heating. Following installation, SSE Energy Solutions is adopting the energy centres and district heating networks and will operate and maintain these as part of a 25 year contract with London and Quadrant Group.

SSE Energy Solutions’ responsibility extends from the Energy Centres up to and including the individual hydraulic interface units (HIU’s) and heat meters within each dwelling.

A secure future

As part of ongoing commitments to this project, SSE* will also be responsible for billing each resident for their heat usage, as well as maintaining the new smart meters, the HIU’s and Energy Centres for the 25 year contract duration. Residents are assured of top-quality, reliable service and support from award-winning customer service teams who manage over eight million energy accounts in the UK. Moreover, SSE delivers heat prices that provide reliable savings over traditional heat from individual gas boilers.