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Smart sensors deployed for Dublin City


Working with Mayflower Smart Control, SSE Enterprise are leading the way to a Smart Dublin

The first steps to Smart

One of the widest deployed and most successful smart city technologies to date is smart street lighting; whereby the humble lamp post is repurposed as a gateway to a smart city.

Mayflower Smart Control provide a Central Management System (CMS) that allows for dynamic control, reporting and monitoring of individual lighting units and smart city sensors. With almost half a million assets deployed across the UK and Ireland, Mayflower are a key player in smart street lighting.

In June 2015, Dublin City Council leaders were invited by Mayflower Smart Control to Southampton for a live dimming trial to demonstrate the capabilities of their Mayflower Central Management System (CMS).

After a successful trial, Mayflower CMS was installed in two locations, Chapelizod Bypass and Dublin Tramlink, by Dublin City Council's maintenance contractor, Airtricity Utility Solutions (AUS).

More than just street lighting

Mayflower CMS is a future-proofed solution which has the capability to integrate smart city sensors and applications such as air quality monitoring, weather stations and noise monitoring.

Following discussion with Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager for Dublin City Council, it was agreed to trial Mayflower's 'smart' capabilities through the installation of air, weather and noise monitoring devices connected to Mayflower's lighting network.

There are now a total of 285 Mayflower assets installed across Dublin, providing information on city deliverables such as street lighting energy usage, atmospheric pressure, CO2 emissions and average noise pollution levels of vehicles.

Realising Dublin's Smart ambition

Dublin City is aspiring to be world leader in the development of new urban solutions with the Smart Dublin initiative

Building a Smart City

Moving beyond basic sensor connection, SSE Enterprise has extended its Mayflower smart lighting solution to provide a Smart City Platform that provides detailed analytics and reporting for city-wide sensors and devices connected to Mayflower’s communications network. The platform combines drill-down dash-boarding functionality and graphical device mapping to allow users to access and monitor sensor and device activity and review multiple data streams through a single interface.

To foster local technology innovation, SSE has provided real-time data streaming of sensor and device data to allow small and large technology companies alike to develop new smart city applications. The platform also includes a smart city app store to provide a go-to-market environment for these solutions whist allowing a city to bring together best-in-class smart city applications into one overarching environment.

Delivering for Dublin

The SSE Enterprise Smart City Platform will provide Dublin with a Smart Environment, with real-time data capture to support decision-making.

The delivery of a Smart Environment will make cities safer for walking home at night, improve toxic pollutant levels to help children breathe cleaner air, deliver tailored care strategies to allow elderly residents to live independently, maximise financial savings to allow new homes, schools and healthcare units to be built, and ultimately achieve the best possible quality of life for residents.

SSE Enterprise's Smart City Platform is anticipated to be available from Q1 2020.

Key benefits of SSE Enterprise's Smart City Platform

  • Ease of connection of third party sensors and devices
  • Reduced connectivity costs through utilisation of existing smart lighting connectivity
  • Real-time data capture from sensors
  • Open platform allowing third party applications to be integrated into the environment or operated standalone through data feeds
  • Extensive dashboarding and analytics functionality
  • Cross-functional team reporting
  • Compliant with the high security requirements of SSE’s core IT estate
  • Delivering smarter, greener, more efficient cities and places