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SSE Energy Solutions delivers decarbonisation support to University Estate Directors

Avi Baidya
By Avi Baidya
26 August 2022

Universities and Education

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SSE Energy Solutions - The Road to Net Zero

SSE Energy Solutions has partnered with The Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) to inform Universities on the best practices to go green and decarbonise.

Energy professionals from SSE have provided certified Continuing Professional Development training across UK campuses, on the topic of decarbonisation. The sessions, led by subject matter experts, set out to provide a better understanding of how to achieve net zero goals within enforced time frames, and what considerations are necessary to achieve them.

Materials produced for the training were developed by SSE Energy Solutions, in collaboration with AUDE, which demonstrated a “whole system approach.” They included aspects from policy, legislation, procurement, contracting, investment, solution development, and examples from academia and industry.

The face-to-face courses have taken place across the UK and Ireland including sessions delivered in Bath, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Dublin, and Edinburgh. Participants received CPD points from AUDE, as the authorising body which certifies the training.

Decarbonising estates is a priority for universities across the country, not just so they can meet their own net zero goals, but because more students are factoring in where a university falls on the green league tables when choosing where to go.

It’s vital for Directors of these estates to have reliable information on decarbonisation, which is why our CPD training has no commercial obligations attached to it; it’s an entirely educational proposition. There are many challenges to creating greener, more sustainable university campuses and through this engagement with AUDE members, we can help prepare key decision-makers to overcome them successfully.

Avi Baidya
Head of Universities & Higher Education Client Development at SSE Energy Solutions
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SSE were recently selected to work as the strategic energy partner to the University of Surrey and is currently working in collaboration with the university to remove approximately 5000 tonnes of carbon per year from their total annual emissions in addition to increasing their on-site renewable energy generation at the same time.

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We hope to engage with many universities across the UK to help deliver their decarbonisation goals and to create more sustainable, green energy solutions in the process.

Avi Baidya
Head of Universities & Higher Education Client Development at SSE Energy Solutions

Jane White

Executive Officer

The Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE)