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Meet the Ambassadors - Byron Hammond

Catherine Thomas
By Catherine Thomas
18 September 2023

Distributed Energy

Meet our SSE Energy Solutions experts

Byron Hammond

We caught up with Byron Hammond, SSE Energy Solutions, Distributed Energy, Senior Manager Property Acquisitions EV, to understand his views on some of the key topics of Decarbonising transport.

Q. What is your role and what do you do for SSE? How long have you worked here?

I head up the EV Property Team at SSE. My role is to manage the property team in liaising with landlord’s in negotiating and agreeing leasehold terms on their sites, in order to construct EV hubs helping to provide a network of charging for the electrification of vehicles. these are especially for fleets and those who are unable to charge at home. I have been at SSE for just under a year now.

Melksham EV Charging Hub Launch - 16.08.23 - SSE Energy Solutions-132.jpg
Melksham EV charging hub launch

Q. What do you find is a key challenge for businesses trying to reach net zero and decarbonise their operations?

I think the biggest challenge for businesses is how in a challenging economic climate, that they can find the funds to invest in expensive technology often with slow back periods that help with the decarbonisation of their business as well as ensuring there are facilities in place to ensure the continued smooth operations of their business. That is why I am so passionate about what we do, as we not only incur the significant upfront costs for the installation of chargers we also offer highly competitive rents which means that with little to no investment a company has contributed to decarbonizing transport while also earning additional income.

Q. Why is sustainability important to the clients you engage with?

Sustainability is a core value to most businesses these day, with the continued affects of global climate change that have been demonstrated on an ever more frequent basis. It is widely acknowledged that businesses must play their part in order to safeguard their future as well as the rest of the world’s. Additionally businesses are aware that in order to attract further investment they must prove they are achieving their sustainability goals.

Q. How do we ensure our clients that we can deliver on their net zero goals?

By providing a leading class of EV hubs with all of our energy produced by our own sources of green power.

EV Charging Hub Launch_Gapton Hall_100823_251.jpg
EV charging hub launch, Gapton Hall

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