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Started Thinking About Christmas yet?


Are you one of those people who cringe at the sight of Christmas goods in the shops straight after Halloween? Here at SSE Energy Solutions, we have to think ahead. With the changing of the season, our thoughts turn to colder weather and checking our customer’s heating systems are up to the task of providing an optimal, and safe, environment for your building’s occupants.

Seasonal checks

This is a check on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) assets in a building to ensure they are operating in either a heating or cooling mode. This is achieved by switching on the asset, observing the operation of the plant and ensuring that it achieves its objective by providing heating or cooling into the desired area. This minimises the risk of failed components and emergency call outs later in the year, whilst providing peace of mind to building and estates managers.

Normally, before the heating season, a check is carried out by building maintenance engineers to see if your heating plant is operating correctly. Faulty components can then be identified and routinely repaired with minimal impact to the building occupants.

At SSE Energy Solutions, our helpdesk staff can assist with that process through remote checks. Our Global Tool application has a module for executing a seasonal check, the plant is scheduled to be switched on and enabled, in heating mode. Once in the heating mode components are monitored and applied to an algorithm that determines if the plant operated successfully or not.

Following completion of the check, any component failures are then sent onto the customer for them to implement corrective actions to be take, or if they have a support contract, we would carry this out. This helps to remove the faulty or failed component and ensure the HVAC asset delivers the correct amount of heat into the desired areas, maintaining building comfort levels.

Customer Benefits

  • Ensure building HVAC assets are operational and will achieve building comfort levels

  • Reduction in failed components during the winter months impacting on building occupants

  • Reduction of call-out costs for building maintenance engineers attending failed or faulty assets

  • Peace of mind knowing the plant has been checked and confirmed as operational

  • Estate-wide checks can be scheduled and completed in one command

  • Components are checked and identified when faulty

  • Checks can be scheduled and applied at a time suitable to the customer i.e. overnight or weekend Building maintenance engineers can focus on replacing faulty components

If you need help to carry out seasonal checking, either remotely, or on-site, call or email us.