Minster Building

Remote Energy Optimisation

Customer stories: Minster Building

Data-driven energy optimisation to decarbonise buildings and reduce energy costs.

The challenge

Minster Building Exterior

The Minster Building is an eight-level modern office environment with on-site microbrewery, swimming pool and gym. The building is managed by Vertex. Their challenge was to:

  • Transition to an energy focused contract to reduce the carbon footprint of the building on a cost-neutral basis.
  • Maintain environmental and comfort standards.
  • Improve the living and working environment for all building users.
  • Reduce overall maintenance expenditure.
The solution

Smart Infrastructure Platform

Minster Building

SSE Energy Solution’s Smart Infrastructure platform brings a building, estate, or city’s data together all in one place as part of SSE Energy Solution’s ‘Whole System Thinking’ approach.

For Vertex and Minster Building, the Smart Infrastructure platform incorporates:

  1. Secure, remote access to the Building Energy Management System (BEMs).
  2. Remote fault identification and creation of critical alarms to minimise operational downtime.
  3. Remote meter access to utilities and BMS energy consumption data visualised in our Business Energy Intelligence (BEI) energy platform.
  4. Monthly reporting: energy consumption analysis, energy optimisation recommendations, and updates on lowering carbon emissions.

Identified Carbon and Energy Savings

Carbon Reduction
17.2% carbon reduction
Carbon Savings
2125.9 tCO2e
Energy Cost Savings
SSE Illustration