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Renewable electricity from a named UK source

Report zero carbon emissions with 100% renewable electricity from one of our named wind farms – helping us build the next generation of renewables in the UK.1


Why SSE Next Generation?

  • Cut your carbon footprint with 100% renewable electricity traced to one of our UK wind farms.1
  • Show your commitment to sustainability with your SSE Next Generation certificate naming your local wind farm.
  • Certified 100% renewable backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).
  • Easy to report zero carbon emissions for electricity with independent verification by EcoAct.

What makes SSE Next Generation different?

As customers and stakeholders increasingly demand action on climate change, it’s important to cut your carbon footprint and show your commitment to sustainability. SSE Next Generation can help – 100% renewable electricity from a named SSE wind farm to boost your environmental credentials.

By choosing a wind farm near your business, you can show you’re committed to sustainability and your local communities.2 And with certified green electricity independently verified by EcoAct, an Atos company, reporting zero carbon emissions is a breeze.

Not all green energy is equal

We’re different because all our renewable electricity comes from SSE’s own wind and hydro assets. As the largest renewable electricity generator in the UK and Ireland, the SSE Group is planning to increase its renewable electricity output fivefold to 50TWh by 2030 to help the UK transition to a net zero economy.

Choose SSE Next Generation and you’ll be supporting future renewable energy in the UK – for us and the next generation.

SSE Green electricity and SSE Next generation - Your questions answered

  1. All our renewable electricity is sourced from wind and hydro assets wholly or partly owned by SSE Renewables, our sister company in the SSE Group. With SSE Next Generation, you’ll continue to get your electricity through the national grid as normal, and we’ll match your consumption to REGOs from a specific SSE Group wind farm.

  2. Choice of wind farm subject to availability.