Net Zero Energy Solutions for Universities & Higher Education

As leaders of your University Community, we recognise that you are under increasing pressure to achieve your Net Zero and Decarbonisation targets, as well as those of academic excellence and value for money. To support these aims, we deliver innovative and fully funded campus-wide decarbonised energy infrastructure solutions.

Using SSE’s evidence-based 'Whole System' holistic approach across multiple energy vectors and digital technologies we improve energy system resilience and sustainability, and we reduce energy risk in this process.

Through academic collaboration and knowledge sharing based on our experience with academic partners, together we will build an energy network that can achieve your University's performance metrics and Net Zero ambitions.

What we do to transition your organisation to net zero

A complete managed solution

Decarbonising Energy

The energy sector is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK. If the UK Government is to meet its carbon budgets the sector will need to be largely decarbonised by 2030. Critical factors to consider in achieving this will include policy changes, low-carbon technologies, grid up-grades and realising the potential for innovation and sustainable growth.

SSE Energy Solutions can design and build, as well as, adopt and manage your private electricity network, taking full responsibility for its network resilience and improving its energy efficiency and sustainability.

Electricity Infrastructure forms the core energy backbone for any organisation and having a private electricity network can bring significant business advantages.

Reliable electrical power is an inherent necessity for any organisation and for high energy users where there is a private electrical network, balancing investment and risk mitigation whilst maintaining resilient supplies is a complex undertaking for many businesses and local authorities. The UK’s transformer fleet is generally considered to be aged and there are significant risks associated with this – risks to business operations, unplanned repair or replacement costs, and not least threat to life due to fire risks. SSE Energy Solutions can adopt and manage your private electricity network, taking responsibility for its network resilience and improving its energy efficiency and sustainability.

For new developments we will design and build your network to meet the most stringent standards of safety and efficiency and where appropriate, SSE’s Independent Network Operator business can adopt, own and operate the distribution network.

Clients connected to our networks benefit from regulated charges, freedom of choice of supplier and guaranteed performance standards.

Solar & Storage

For institutions interested in generating their own energy, SSE Energy Solutions offers fully-funded solar solutions where we develop, build, own, operate and maintain solar systems.

Zero carbon energy is then provided at no upfront cost – simply charged under a fixed term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

We utilise onsite space such as car park canopies, vacant ground space, or roof-tops to deploy Solar PV and create value from under-utilised assets. If you don’t have available onsite space, we can secure offsite land, delivering energy through a private wire, or from a remote solar facility via the grid.

Our whole system capability means we can integrate solar generation with a wider range of complementary distributed energy solutions, bespoke to your site requirements and ensuring your energy resources are fully optimised for efficiency and carbon reduction whilst adding/improving resilience?”

Renewable Energy as Standard

SSE Energy Solutions enables you to show the world that you are committed to a sustainable future through choosing our UK generated renewable energy.

All parts of the higher education market must act now to reduce their carbon emissions, for their employees, staff and their students. SSE Energy Solutions enables you to show the world that you are committed to a sustainable future through choosing our UK generated renewable energy.

Not all green energy is equal. Some renewable energy tariffs give just the illusion of being green, though purchasing Green Certificates from generators in the UK or EU. At SSE we are investing £7.5Bn by 2025 in order to treble the amount of renewable energy we generate and this is the energy we supply to all our business customers. Further more, we are third party verified by AToS giving you the assurance that your supply is 100% renewable.

Traceability is important. To boost your sustainability credentials further, you can choose SSE Next Generation where every unit of electricity is matched to a named generating asset, providing specific traceability. Or, we can give you direct access to output from specific SSE generation assets through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options.

What going green can do for you. Having authentic CSR (corporate social responsibility) credentials is increasingly important in procurement and can help you win business as well as engage employees and attract investors. We can work with you to start improving your entire supply chain’s sustainability, too.

How can we help you transition to net zero?

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