October 18th-29th


SSE Energy Solutions Road to Renewables

In the run up to Cop26, minds are beginning to focus on what actions will flow from the Glasgow summit, and there’s no doubt that accelerating the generation and use of renewable energy will feature heavily. With our long track record in this area, SSE is proud to be a senior partner of COP26, and we’re excited about taking the renewables story on the road over the next two weeks. We want the message from communities, businesses and local authorities to be heard loud and clear.

SEE Energy Solutions - Road to Renewables


Northumberland Park

10:00 Monday 18th October 2021

We start our journey at Northumberland Park bus depot in north London – home to our Bus2Grid project that could turn EV buses into two-way chargers.

V2G (Vehicle 2 Grid) technology enables energy stored in an electric vehicle’s battery to be fed back into the electricity network. By recharging when demand is low and putting energy into the grid when it is high, V2G helps manage the peaks and troughs, balance the network and make it more efficient.

If the entire London bus fleet of around 9,000 vehicles were to be converted with the technology being used in the Bus2Grid project, it could theoretically provide enough energy to supply more than 150,000 homes.

The Bus2Grid project will be led by SSE Energy Solutions with partners including Go-Ahead London, BYD, Leeds University and UK Power Networks. The initial trial uses the batteries of 28 state-of-the-art double decker buses, capable of returning over 1MW energy to the grid.

Bus2Grid will explore both the commercial value and social benefits to the energy and passenger transportation systems by developing services for the national grid, regional distribution network operators, bus operators and transport authorities. The development and test of the underpinning technology is also an important objective of the trial.

Our Partners

To drive a COP26 branded, fully Electric Bus from London to Glasgow to showcase examples of projects and sites that are helping get us on the road to net zero, takes a great deal of dedication and commitment from our partners.

Alexander Dennis

BYD ADL Enviro400EV.jpg

BYD and ADL form UK’s leading electric bus producer, and have delivered over 500 Britain Build electric single and double deck buses throughout the country.

Innovation with style is a hallmark of the ADL product portfolio.

The business has a leading reputation for innovation and breakthrough technology that offers a range of pioneering technologies which deliver significant efficiencies and net zero solutions as a result of their ongoing multi-million pound investment programme in new product development.

Engagement and collaboration with authorities, operators, passengers, residents and technology partners is a critically important aspect of product development agenda.

ADL are passionate about increasing ridership, reducing the total cost of ownership for customers and leading the way with the market's widest range of zero emissions technologies.

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