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Our purpose is to provide energy needed today, while building a better world of energy for tomorrow. We welcome suppliers who support our vision of being a leading energy company in a net zero world. With safety, sustainability and responsibility at the heart of all we do, we're keen to establish strong relationships with our suppliers because we know how critical they are to our business.

How we work.


SSE expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, and to respect internationally recognised human and labour rights including:

  • Health & Safety - and respecting SSE’s health and safety culture and provide evidence of compliance where appropriate.
  • Environment - including measuring, managing and reducing their carbon footprint and including their supply chain.
  • Information Security - protecting confidential information belonging to or vested in SSE in accordance with all relevant laws, and act to prevent its misuse, theft, fraud or improper disclosure.
  • Modern Slavery - Not using forced or compulsory labour or labour held under slavery or servitude. Providing evidence of compliance to the Modern Slavery act when requested.
  • The Living Wage - Ensuring that any contracted or subcontracted employee, working regularly on an SSE site in the UK, earns at least the real Living Wage.
  • Employment - eliminating discrimination, not abusing rights of migrant workers and ensuring renumeration and working hours are reasonable.
  • Bribery & Kickbacks - Not engaging in any form of commercial bribery or kickback, or offer any incentive to any SSE employee, their family or friends, to win or retain SSE business.
  • Conflicts of Interest - Avoiding any interaction with SSE employees that may conflict with any employee acting in the best interest of SSE.
  • Supply Chain Development - Forming constructive local relationships so that local communities feel a direct benefit from those significant capital investments in the UK, Scottish and Irish economies.

We are committed to the principles outlined within the Prompt Payment Code and to the fair treatment of all suppliers, adopting an approach of providing suppliers with quick resolution of invoices and ensuring any queries or issues are managed effectively

For further information please follow (Potential Suppliers | SSE) which contains our Sustainable Procurement Code and the SRS Achilles process for registering as a potential supplier to SSE.